A Bookshelf-Builder’s Notebook

I love notebook pages with measurements and plans! I found this one accompanying an excerpt from Nina MacLaughlin’s memoir Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter: “…the story of MacLaughlin’s journey out of a drag-and-click job at a newspaper and into a carpentry apprenticeship. In this section MacLaughlin strikes out on her own to craft […]

Edward Hopper Sketchbook Viewer

Very cool– on the Tate Museum’s website, you can flip through one of Edward Hopper’s sketchbooks: I love the way you really get a feel for the sketchbook as an object rather than just disembodied drawings. See more at Edward Hopper: Sketchbook Viewer | Tate.

Ian Bowden’s Pub Sketches

From a UK article about an exhibition of sketches done in local watering holes: For several years, father-of-three Ian, 41, has taken his sketchbook to hundreds of bars across the city to draw local drinkers. Ian makes small drawings in pen in his sketchbook or on coasters before creating larger versions in charcoal at his […]

Les Calepins de Lapin

Les Calepins de Lapin translates to “The Rabbit’s Notebooks.” They are full of wonderful sketches, all on lined notebook paper!