Midori Spiral Ring Notebooks

Midori’s Traveler’s Notebooks are so widely popular, they seem to be almost the only Midori products you ever hear about. But they also make this lovely line of spiral notebooks named after animals (and an insect). From the descriptions at the Miscellaneous online store: Midori Spiral Ring Notebook is a series of notebooks with a […]

Grandluxe Notebooks Review and Big Giveaway!

My jaw dropped when I opened the box of samples sent to me by the folks at Grandluxe— it was huge and heavy and full of tons of notebooks! Let’s take a look at the wide variety of products Grandluxe so generously shared, many of which I had never seen in stores. (If you don’t […]

Notebook Addict of the Week (x3): Kara

This week’s addict has been featured twice before: Notebook Addict of the Week (again): Kara, and Notebook Addict of the Week: Kara. Her collection keeps growing and I love seeing more of it! “My boxes of composition & spiral notebooks, blank or filled. They’re so heavy they can barely be lifted. Ugh!” Make sure you […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Voron

Voron emailed me these photos of her notebooks. The close-up is of a Paperchase notebook. I detect a strong preference for colorful wire-bound notebooks, but there are a few plainer hardcovers snuck in there too! Thanks for sharing your addiction, Voron!

Early 1980s “Comp” Pocket Memo Notebooks

Here’s a notebook that I liked so much, I had to buy three of them. I still love the concept of these: the look of a composition book in a different size. I’ve always loved the black and white patterned covers of the traditional composition book, but I have not usually wanted to use something […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Marla Viray

This week’s addict is a 21 year old “struggling journalist” who notes: There is no such thing as too many notebooks, after all. =) Here’s a few from her collection:   Read more at journals & notebooks « MarlaViray~ marvels, musings and meanderings.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Tom Lynch

This week, we have another sketchbook addict. Here’s some of his favorites: And here’s some of the beautiful work he fills them with! Read more at WENT SKETCHING: Studio Workhorse: The 4×6 Strathmore Sketch and WENT SKETCHING: Moleskines on the Road, and definitely follow his blog for lots of great posts on using various art […]

Senator Bob Graham: Notebooks and a Novel

Senator Bob Graham’s notebooks are in the news again, as he’s published a thriller based on his experiences with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the inquiry into 9/11. You are known to take notes and keep a very strict record of everything you do. Do you still do that? Yes. When did you […]

Holbein Multimedia Books

I’ve been thinking that I haven’t posted much about larger sketchbooks lately, so here’s one of my favorites. I’ve used a few of these Holbein sketchbooks over the years and always liked them. There’s something about the colors and that stripe up the edge and the ribbon closure that makes them seem nicer than other […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This seemed like an appropriate notebook for today: Actually, the contents of this notebook are anything but romantic. My mother gave it to me in 1981 and asked me to keep a diary while she was away for a couple of weeks, helping her sister with a newborn baby. I dutifully chronicled everything I did, […]