Notebook Addict of the Week: Jenny

This week’s addict blogs about pens, paper and more at The Finer Point. Jenny has accumulated a prodigious collection of Field Notes and other brands of small staple-bound notebooks, both used and unused. I love the way all the used ones look in the first photo– so much color variation but such nice, neat bundles […]

Review & Giveaway: CR Brand Notebook Wallets

I first came across the CR Signature Notebook Wallet a few months ago and immediately thought it was a great idea. A notebook and a wallet are both key daily carry items for almost everyone, so shouldn’t there be a good way to combine them? But it’s surprisingly hard to find something that does both […]

Best Made Notebooks

I love the look of these notebooks– great combination of colors and cute design. They are from Best Made: The specs: 3.5” x 5” 96 pages, 1/2” dotted 7” cover ruler Interior conversion table 100lb. cover, 50lb. interior Lay-flat binding

Review: LatLon Notebooks

Here we have another Kickstarter project that I decided to support at a modest level. When I saw the design of the LatLon notebooks, I thought it was quite cool-looking, and an interesting concept. Each notebook has a letterpress printed cover featuring the contour lines of the elevation of an island or glacier or the […]

Review: Furrow Books Notebook

Furrow Books was a Kickstarter project over a year ago, started by Aaron Zeller of the Zeller Writing Company. (They sell many popular brands of pens and notebooks, as well as other writing accessories, including their own handmade wooden items such as wax seal handles.) I decided to become a supporter at a modest level […]

Review and Giveaway: Zettel Notebooks

I was quite excited when the maker of these new notebooks contacted me and offered a sample. They take the common format of a 3-pack of staple-bound pocket notebooks and add a flash of color and a touch of travelogue. Zettel Notebooks are made in Berlin, and each cover is a tribute to a part […]

Review and Giveaway: Halaby Aero Flightbook Notebooks

Can you judge a  notebook by its cover? Perhaps! I was very excited to get these samples from Halaby Aero. The first time I saw these notebooks at Paper Presentation in NYC, I immediately thought they were cool. I have no day to day use for any of the airplane-related info on the covers, but […]

Review and Giveaway: Word. Notebooks from Cool Material

The folks at Cool Material sent me a nice batch of their recently introduced “Word.” notebooks. These are a staple-bound notebook in the vein of Field Notes and the Moleskine cahiers, but with a unique page format. First impressions: I love the cover designs, in cool colors and camouflage patterns. They came packaged very beautifully […]

Mapbook Notebooks

Maps and notebooks, always a great combination! design: Contexture Design manufacture: Made in Canada materials: 100% recycled paper; reclaimed map cover. Staple-bound. dimensions: 5.25″ wide x 8″ tall; contains 48 pages Price: $15.00 Available from: Branch See more at Mapbook — ACCESSORIES — Better Living Through Design.

Review: Hitlist Notebook

Curt Roper has lived out a fantasy many of us have: he designed his perfect fountain pen friendly notebook, and manufactured it so he could not only have a lifetime supply, but sell it to others too! Let’s take a look at the sample Hitlist notebook he sent me: I like the design– the cover […]