New Year, New Journal

Happy 2017! Have you started a new notebook for the new year? I haven’t, but below are a few of my favorites from a recent article about journals. I particularly like that patchwork suede! See more at 18 Best Notebooks for Journaling and Writing – The Muse Save

Western Suede-covered Diary from 1949

This unique item was a Christmas gift to me from one of the few people who knows I’m obsessed enough with notebooks to write this blog. Of course I was thrilled when I opened the wrapping paper and saw it:   The notebook is about 4×6″, with what appears to be a hand-painted suede cover. […]

Review: The Goldline Journal

Here’s a lovely notebook that I haven’t seen sold in very many places: the Goldline Journal. It’s made by Tollit and Harvey of the UK, the same people who make the Guildhall notebook. I was never tempted to buy the Guildhall because the paper was lined, but the Goldline has plain paper, and a lovely […]