An Interview in Drawings: Paper vs. Digital

A fun approach to the question of paper vs. digital notetaking: Read more at A Hand-Drawn Interview With the Man Behind Adobe’s Pen of the Future | Motherboard.

Notebook Addict of the Week: John Dickerson

This week’s addict was found thanks to a tip from last week’s addict, June. John Dickerson wrote a piece on Slate that I think many of us will identify with, about our impulses to capture the moments of our lives, whether it be in paper notebooks or in smartphone snapshots. The article was accompanied by […]

Review: Doxie Flip Portable Scanner (Bonus Field Notes Giveaway!)

I’m pretty picky about reviewing things that aren’t notebooks. I’ve occasionally been asked to review notebook covers or pen holders and the like, but I usually decline the samples, as I’m just not that interested. So when the makers of the Doxie Flip Scanner offered me a sample to try, I at first thought I […]

Draft Notebooks on Kickstarter

File this under “so close, and yet so far!” This is the latest of many notebook related Kickstarter campaigns. But for once, I hope this doesn’t get funded! It’s a dumb idea, at least as it’s currently structured. They send you this nice quality notebook once a month, in a gorgeous selection of colors, and […]

Whitelines Video

Cool video from Whitelines, telling the story behind their paper, and promoting their Indiegogo campaign to develop an Android version of their smartphone app. via Whitelines Story V1.3 on Vimeo.

iPhone + Sketchbook: theGOODbook™ 5

This looks like a lovely little package, iphone and sketchbook contained in a sturdy leather case that looks like it will age beautifully. Though I might prefer to have the phone on the left so I could open the notebook from the front… See more at Red Clouds Collective. Handcrafted in Portland, ORE. — theGOODbook™ […]

Moleskine Monday: “What Can Moleskine Teach Publishers?”

An interesting and amusing article about a talk by Marco Beghin, President of Moleskine US, full of plenty of slogan-y stuff about “mobility,” “self-identity,” and “collective memory.” I’m not sure it answers its own question about what book publishers might be able to learn from Moleskine: Publishers who hope for their catalogs to become as […]

Moleskine Monday: Hands-on with the Evernote Smart Notebook

At ZDNet, there’s a pretty detailed look at using the new Moleskine Evernote notebook. Lots of photos, including these: See more at Hands-on with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine gallery | Page 12 | ZDNet.

Moleskine Monday: Paper Meets Digital

The latest news about Moleskine is all about their attempts to bridge the gap between old-fashioned paper notes and digital devices and storage. What’s getting the most press is their new partnership with Evernote. They have made special notebooks containing paper with markings that are supposed to “ensure a clean image when digitally capturing your […]

Avionics Notebooks from Makani Power

This is pretty neat: Makani Power is a company that is developing airborne wind turbines as an energy source. On their blog, they are posting various notebook pages by their engineers showing their work in progress: Eric Chin’s Avionics Notebooks. Peter Kinne’s H-Tail Test Sketches Notebooks: Dr. Paula Echeverri