A Notebook with a Link to Van Gogh?

I was trying to find online images of Van Gogh’s small sketchbooks (the supposed “moleskines”) when I found the images below. The notebook pictured did not belong to Van Gogh, but was rather a sort of logbook kept at a cafe in Arles that Van Gogh visited. The notebook has been cited as evidence for […]

Facsimile Van Gogh Sketchbooks

Wow, this is amazingly cool: To celebrate the forthcoming Van Gogh at Work exhibition and the 160th anniversary of the great artist’s birth, the Folio Society and the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, are producing the first-ever facsimiles of the artist’s sketchbooks, limited to just 1,000 copies. The four intact sketchbooks, which span much of Van […]

A Real Picasso Sketchbook

The Moleskine mythology of having been the notebook used by Picasso, Hemingway, and Chatwin is, of course, not true, as the Moleskine brand didn’t exist until the late 1990s. But since the Moleskines we know today were modeled after similar notebooks used by these and many other artists and writers in the early 20th century, […]

Moleskine Monday: Anna Rusakova on the Behance Network

Another beautiful Moleskine notebook gallery on the Behance site, this one by Anna Rusakova. I love the collage/scrapbook elements and the detailed art. See more at my moleskine on the Behance Network.