Vintage Notebooks from My Collection

Most of my notebooks are ones that I’ve bought new and filled with my own notes and sketches. But I also occasionally succumb to my weakness for collecting other people’s used notebooks when I see them at flea markets or on eBay. Here’s a few that I’ve picked up along the way. This Rice-Stix notebook […]

1911 Catalogue of Stationery

This is extremely cool: a catalog from 1911, featuring all manner of notebooks and other stationery. The only thing that could be cooler would be if you could find some forgotten warehouse that still had all these products in stock!   Flip through the whole catalog at Catalogue of stationery : section no. 1, blank […]

Laughing Elephant Notebooks

I love these retro-look notebooks from Laughing Elephant, so many colorful designs:   Buy at Notebooks | Laughing Elephant.


Present&Correct is a UK-based online retailer I recently stumbled across. I love the look of their website and they offer a variety of notebooks that are equally pleasing to the eye!

eBay Gem: A Decorator’s Pocket Looseleaf Notebook

This has to be the coolest notebook I’ve ever bought. I almost had a heart attack when I stumbled across it on eBay, and it only took me a split second to hit the “Buy it Now” button and grab this beauty for about $45 including shipping. When the notebook arrived in the mail, it […]

Military Notebooks

More good notebook stuff at A Continuous Lean: This is a currently available government-issue notebook used by the military. The comments on the post got into a lot of interesting discussion about the “cool” factor of military supplies, with actual service members seeming to find it amusing that the stuff that is just boring to […]

Vintage Notebooks from “A Collection a Day”

I continue to follow the fabulous “Collection a Day” blog in hopes of spotting treasures like these: Day 313. Day 310. Looking for more items to add to your holiday wishlist? Check out the Notebook Stories Store for lots of great brands.

Analog Productivity

Some interesting thoughts on using non-digital tools for productivity: How Analog Rituals Can Amp Your Productivity :: Tips :: The 99 Percent. But my favorite part is this image!

A Collection a Day, 2010: Day 228

I LOVE the “Collection a Day” blog. Vintage office supplies are often featured, and the other day she posted these old journals: . A Collection a Day, 2010: Day 228

Vintage Memoranda Book

Michael Williams writes the blog “A Continuous Lean,” which he describes as being “about things. American things, good looking things, well designed things and all sorts of other things.” And here is one of those things: “Perfect and vintage. Bought for $1 in a parking lot in New Jersey (Meadowlands Flea).” Are you jealous now? […]