Worst Notebook Story Ever!

I love notebooks a lot, but there’s no notebook worth fighting over to the point of pulling out a gun! Some Walmart shoppers got a little too aggressive looking for back to school bargains in the notebook aisle!   Read more: Gun pulled in fight between back to school shoppers at Walmart in Michigan

Notebook Addict of the Week: Bubba

This week’s addict emailed me some photos and the following story: “I’ve loved notebooks since I was a little kid. But this year things got crazy with the super cheap back to school sales at Staples, Walmart, and the dollar stores. Even though a single notebook was as cheap as $0.50, I ended up spending […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Stacy

This week’s addict probably wins the prize for having spent the least money on her addiction! Here’s her lovely stack of notebooks: Stacy says: Isn’t it a beautiful sight!? I went to Wal-mart and did our yearly notebook stock-up. The 70 page spiral notebooks are on sale for 15 cents and the 100 page compositon […]

Review: Mead Journal from WalMart

I picked up this Mead notebook after a tip from a reader, who had noticed that they were available only at Wal-Mart. Though Mead is obviously a major brand that is available everywhere, it would appear that Wal-Mart asked them to come up with an inexpensive Moleskine-ish notebook that they could offer as an exclusive. […]

Questions from Readers

I’ve gotten terribly behind in trying to answer emails from some fellow notebook fans with their questions. Please leave a comment if you can point any of these readers in the right direction! From Robert: I am hoping you can help me with my search. I saw someone take out a piece of paper from […]

OCD or Being Prepared?

Quote of the day: “I bought ten blue notebooks from Walmart and I have filled five of them so far. It’s not OCD or anything, I’m just prepared in case it turns out that it’s the blue notebook doing all the work.” I’ve been meaning to check out the notebook offerings at WalMart… this has […]