Review: Hahnemuhle Travel Journal and Travel Booklets

I forget exactly how I stumbled across the Hahnemuhle Travel Journal, but this is the website where I first remember seeing it, and the photo that got me all excited: Heaton Cooper Studio Nice plain black covers, a somewhat chunky shape, and no yucky cover overhang! I had to have one. I went searching around […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Russell Stutler

Based on the photo below and the website where I found it, Russell Stutler is definitely a sketchbook addict.   His website is a great resource for anyone who is interested in sketching on the go– there are articles on tools like waterbrushes and assorted sketchbook brands, and tips on how to use them in […]

Review: Stillman & Birn Zeta Series (and Winsor & Newton Watercolors)

The Zeta is the latest addition to Stillman & Birn’s excellent line of sketchbooks. I’ve reviewed the others here, so I won’t go into too much detail about the basics of their construction. The key difference with the new Zeta line is that it offers their heaviest paper in a smooth surface as opposed to […]

Queen Victoria’s Sketchbook

Great Britain’s royal family has long been artistically inclined. Their work is now the subject of an exhibition called The Royal Paintbox, which runs from June 22, 2013 to January 26, 2014 at Windsor Castle. Here’s a wonderful example: Exhibition curator Lauren Porter holds a book owned by Queen Victoria containing various sketches drawn in […]

Daily Sketching Tips

Some good tips from the blog “Teach Kids Art” on how to establish a daily sketchbook routine, including suggestions for a lightweight, portable sketching kit. I can second the recommendation for most of these materials as I use them too: To ensure you have a sketch­book at your side when oppor­tu­nity (or inspi­ra­tion) strikes, you’ll […]

Field Book to Sketchbook

Some cool usage of an engineer’s field book by artist Kim Zoph: Kim’s comments on using it: “The journal has a hard, bright yellow cover, which seems like it would withstand variations in the weather quite well. Indeed, it’s advertised as weatherproof and highly durable. The book has 80 pages, with paper of 50% cotton […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Mattias Adolfsson

This week’s addict is something of a celebrity: I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing artwork of Mattias Adolfsson– he does incredibly detailed whimsical drawings in Moleskines in a very recognizable style. He’s been featured frequently on various blogs and in books about illustration, sketchbooks and Moleskines. But what I’ve never seen before is his actual […]

Sketchbooks from Paris Breakfasts

A delightful post about sketchbooks by Carol Gillott, featuring her own watercolor sketches, handmade sketchbooks, and some photos of sketchbooks done by famous artists. Below are Carol’s: “Any artist worth their salt earns their bones filling a gazillion sketchbooks with doodles” “I made these when I was in my bookbinding phase.” Read more (and more […]

A Montreal Sketchblogger

Some beautiful sketchbook art: “Sometimes, the best things are right under your nose, or even in your own backyard.” That’s a simple truth that Montreal artist Shari Blaukopf discovered when she got out her sketchbooks and set out to capture the snippets of her life in watercolour and ink – one drawing at a time. […]

Small Sketchbook Paintings

Beautiful little gems in a sketchbook, which could be a HandBook Artist Journal (not sure): Lots more great images at Design You Trust and Illusion.