Review and Giveaway: Writersblok 2017 Planner

Writersblok is heading in some exciting new directions lately. I reviewed their most recent notebooks here. Now they’ve expanded the product line to include a planner for 2017. Let’s take a look! From Kikkerland’s website: “Keep all of your master plans safe and on schedule with this beautiful recycled leather Writersblok Planner. Back pages feature […]

Review and Giveaway: Writersblok Double Spiral Notebooks

When our friends at Kikkerland shared these samples of their latest new product, I had to clap my hands– finally a notebook that really DOES do something new! I’ve seen other notebooks that can open from the back or the front, but I have never seen a notebook with both top and side openings in […]

Review and Giveaway: New Kikkerland Writersblok Notebooks

I’m very excited to be posting one of the first reviews of a brand new notebook line from Kikkerland. I reviewed their first Writersblok notebooks several years ago. Since then, they have introduced additional notebook designs, but these latest ones are the best yet! These notebooks are quite a departure from previous Writersblok products. At […]

Notebook Addict of the Week: Futurebird

This week’s addict got my attention through a post on the Notebook Stories Facebook page, where she linked to the first in a series of posts about her notebook collection: The series continues in these other notebook posts: Notebook Collection Part Two, Notebook Collection Part Three, and  Phases in the Life of a Notebook. The […]

Blackbird & Peacock

I got an email a while back from a reader named Hope, who along with her husband runs this Etsy shop specializing in hand-decorated journals, cards and postcards. Among their products are Writersblok and Moleskine notebooks with some cool designs: Check out the wares at Blackbird and Peacock.

What I’m Using Now

I haven’t updated my “using now” photo in a while– the photo that’s been there was of a Piccadilly graph notebook. After that, I went through a Moleskine graph notebook within a couple of months– this was one of the ones I got for 50 cents and it definitely had some quality issues– some of […]

Writersblok Bamboo Paper Notebooks

I reviewed Kikkerland’s Writersblok notebooks a while back, and now it seems their product line is expanding with these “Bamboo” notebooks, sold at RevDesign.  I didn’t love the paper in the old notebooks, so maybe this new 80 gsm bamboo paper would be an improvement. They also seem to have a different binding with more […]

Kikkerland WritersBlok Notebooks Now Available

I’ve been wanting to check these out for a while, and it seems they are finally more widely available. I picked up a set of 3 small dotted notebooks at Paper Presentation on West 18th St. in NYC. They also had the large size, and ruled and plain paper versions in both sizes. I’ve read […]