Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-27

  • Reviews coming soon: Simple Diary, Rhodia Webnotebook, and some cool ebay finds! #
  • RT @Blick_Art “Drawing is putting a line around an idea.” ~Henri Matisse #
  • RT @officesupplygee review of some cool new office tools that also help contribute $ to a good charity #
  • What was the last notebook you bought? #
  • RT @uniball_usa @jess_h If being REALLY into pens and notebooks is geeky then I don’t want to be cool We are a big dorky community& growing! #
  • Am about to order Uniball Style Fit 5 color pen @JetPens Very exciting ink colors, but can’t see where to order a pencil insert! #
  • Suggestions for a good cheap fountain pen? I don’t use one but was thinking I should add FP tests to my notebook reviews. #
  • @deirdresm I’m sad about Farrah too, and my parents wouldn’t even let me watch C’s As. I wanted to look like her when I was about 10! in reply to deirdresm #
  • @snidegrrl @DIYSara @goldspotpens @takif @tittlemouse @dunkind I’m thinking under $10. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! in reply to snidegrrl #

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Notebook Addict of the Week: Jamie

Today’s addict just completed a big household clean-up, including emptying out her 9.5 lb. purse, which turned out to contain 7 notebooks and journals:

For more photos and tales of her organizational activities, read more at Jamie’s blog, Inspired Mess.


Here’s an appealing website featuring stationery from France and beyond: Skripta-Paris. The site is in English and offers approximate US dollar conversions for their prices. (What you’ll actually pay is based on Euro prices converted at the prevailing rate by your credit card company.)

I liked the look of a few products I saw, including these leatherette notebooks with elastic closure, the Flyer by Addex:

Then there’s the refillable modular leather notebook by X47, made in Germany:

Here’s the other brands they list on their “notebooks and albums” page:

THE legendary notebook that was used by the European artists and intellectuals of the XXth century: from Van Gogh to Matisse, from Ernest Hemingway to Bruce Chatwin…
View all products

Tout Noté-Paris
Exclusive French notebooks with numerous variations of original materials in hype colors, with classic binded or spiral bindings, and an exclusive refillable system
View all products

Jim Thompson
Refined and precious accessories made in pure Thai silk
View all products

Lines of notebooks from Japan with pure designs: retro, ethnic, zen, natural or contemporary spirits, with an excellent smooth paper for everyday notes or sketches
View all products

Beautiful leatherette notebooks with an elastic band
View all products

Nava Design-Milan
Notebooks with a great Italian design from Milan
View all products

L’Atelier des Tuileries-Paris
Beautiful stationery in lines that match your lifestyle
View all products

SKRIPTA-Paris selection
Smart ideas to write, selected by SKRIPTA-Paris
View all products

Beautiful notebooks with a smart and exclusive binding system that allows to customize your perfect notebook with the available refills
View all products

Graf von Faber-Castell
Beautiful leathers for luxurious pocket notepads
View all products

Leuchtturm1917 (notebooks in moleskine)
A great alternative choice to the famous Hemingway’s notebooks: comparable quality with super extra features!
View all products

Mark’s Inc.
A full range of exclusive, handy and smart notebooks, with the fun spirit from Japan
View all products

I wish I had known about this store when I visited Paris last fall!

Notebooks for Martial Arts

Here’s a use for notebooks I hadn’t considered: documenting martial arts information.  On the Martial Arts Planet forums, Shadowfax asks:

How many of you keep a journal or notebook about your art(s)?

I’ve been keeping a journal with diagrams showing various forms, especial fine details, notes from seminars, thoughts about sparing matches, and so on.

I’ve found that being able to review all of this information away from the school floor is really helpful not only in improving but in understanding the purpose of various aspects of my art.

Is this unusual?

My notebook(s) tend to sit in my equipment bags, and I’ve been seen perusing them or writing in them during breaks between classes and I’ve been getting some crap for it as of late. Not that this bothers me so much – I have these folks respect on the floor — it is just good natured ribbing. But it has caused me to wonder how unusual this habit might be.

I’m sure there’s someone else out there using a notebook for this purpose… anyone?

Starting Early: Kids Who Love Notebooks

I think this photo is adorable:

It’s from a blog called The Lily Pad, where the child’s mother writes:

Her favorite thing is notebooks. Big notebooks, tiny notebooks, spiral notebooks, journals, blank pages, lined pages; she loves them all. I hope the love of art and writing and her imagination and creativity stay with her all her life.

Read more here.

My parents have said I was always going around with little folded up bits of paper and I remember loving notebooks from my earliest days. How about you? Did your notebook fetish start before you could walk?

A4 Size Moleskine Folio Portfolio

Try saying “Folio Portfolio” several times as fast as you can– whew! But maybe it’s easier than “Folio Memo Pockets.”

Anyway, as promised, here’s a look at the other Moleskine Folio item I recently purchased, the jumbo version of the Memo Pockets: the Moleskine that’s all pockets, no pages.

If you love the look and style of hardcover Moleskine notebooks, this is a nice accessory. It’s great to have an attractive folder to hold letter-size papers. There’s also a larger version that would function as an artist’s portfolio. It’s not as if there aren’t plenty of other products out there that serve this purpose– but they won’t perfectly match your notebook, now will they?

Like the Folio Sketchbook I reviewed, this is almost identical to the smaller Memo Pockets except for the name and size. It’s shown next to a pocket size Moleskine below.

When you open it up, there’s a cardboard spacer inside to prevent the spine from being crushed. It’s about an inch thick, but the bottom will expand out much wider. The accordion folds are wide enough that the 6 slots open out easily. The interior first “page” has the usual space for writing your name, etc. It’s actually made of a thick board, so the whole package is quite sturdy.

This is another item made with FSC certified paper. And there it is in action, with recipe clippings and a large Piccadilly notebook stuffed inside!

Oddly, the back of the paper band seems to give incorrect measurements– I checked, and my portfolio was about 9 1/4 x 13″, which means it’s technically not A4 size, though it would hold A4 size papers.

List price $29.95 but available for $19.77 at Amazon, where you can also buy other items in the Moleskine Folio line.

Bottom line: a great way for Moleskine fans to carry larger papers in the style to which you’re accustomed!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-20

  • I had the weirdest dream: box in mail with lots of strange new Moleskine cahier-type notebooks w/ yellow legal paper… #
  • @susanorlean The animated crossing-off that happens on a Palm is fun, but I agree that seeing the crossed-off items on paper is better. in reply to susanorlean #
  • @nrepose Thanks for the RT! in reply to nrepose #
  • @DIYSara LOL… be mindful, or be very clean! in reply to DIYSara #
  • Ugh, a whole batch of photos came out terrible. Need to reshoot almost all for one of my reviews. It’s this crappy no sun weather! #
  • RT @doodlers Leather-bound or Loose Scrawls (Sketchbooks: The Hidden Art of Designers, Illustrators and Creatives) #
  • I want a better way to store my hundreds of notebooks, now in shoeboxes. Custom bookcase? Some other kind of box? Ideas, anyone? #
  • @dogeatdoug That might be good, I’ve thought about getting those rubbermaid bins that slide under the bed… in reply to dogeatdoug #

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Guitar Dad Loves Jotting Things Down

Check out the blog Guitar Dad for a nice appreciation of writing things down in notebooks:

Maybe it’s a carryover from my reporter days, but I constantly find myself reaching for a notebook. A lot of my jottings are mundane details that simply connect the dots in my everyday life: driving directions, lists, reminders of the things I need to do for my wife or children, restaurant recommendations from friends.

Other times my notes are more inspired, more a reflection of what I find important and remarkable. Someone will say something clever or particularly perceptive and I’ll scribble it down. An extraordinary sentence, phrase or quote will jump off the page of a book or magazine, and I’ll capture it for some future use. I’ll hear a cool song on the radio and make note of its title, with plans to figure out how to play it on guitar. Or an idea for a blog post will pop into my head and I’ll sketch out a beginning, middle and end.

I love hearing how other people use their notebooks. Read more here.