Craig Dreams: The Moleskine Lecture

I’m glad I’m not the only person who has dreams about notebooks! This reminds me so much of the kind of weird, elaborate dreams that I have sometimes:

I was at a lecture in some auditorium. There were no chairs, and everyone was sitting on the floor. I was sitting next to a very beautiful woman. She had dark skin, and thick, dark, wavy hair, but no definable racial characteristics. She was one of those women who didn’t have a great body, but just had the most beautiful face.

The lecture was about Moleskine notebooks. It was all about how to use them to make notes about things, and how to use systems of symbols to condense the notes. The lady started the lecture on a stage with a green blackboard, and then came into the audience to use one of the audience member’s Moleskine’s as an example.

The beautiful woman with me tells me about a Moleskine that a friend of hers had. Somehow I know that this friend was an older white man, with greying hair, that she was attracted to. Her friend took notes the way the lecture was suggesting, with a half page key to the symbols he used.

I tell her about a guy a met on the National Mall. It takes me a second to think of the word … he was an entomologist. He made notes in his Moleskine about all the bugs he found on the Mall, with sketches and notes using symbols in the same way. When I was done telling her about this, the auditorium was gone and we were all sitting on the National Mall.

Connection with Reality: On weekdays I write notes about my dreams while I take the bus to the Metro. I write them in a small Moleskine notebook.

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  1. What were the ways they told you to take notes. Also do you have a picture of the notes that you may have taken at that meeting as an example of what they said to do.
    Thanks for your blog. I love it.

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