10 Uses for Spare Notebooks

Brittany, who describes herself as “a thirteen-year-old writer of middle-grade fiction,” offers some good ideas for everyone who has a hoard of notebooks and can’t think of what to do with them. Here’s idea #1:

1. Keep a dream journal.- I’ve gotten some good story ideas from dreams, or at least little bits of story. On New Year’s Eve I watched the movie Inception, and somewhere in the beginning the main character says that we only use a fraction of our brain when we’re awake (or something like that).

So take advantage of that. When you roll out of bed, write down what happened in your dream, no matter how stupid or silly or weird it sounds. Obviously, not all of these will be good story ideas, but after a couple weeks of dreaming there’s always a gem or two.

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167 thoughts on “10 Uses for Spare Notebooks”

  1. i use mine as a burn book like from the mean girls. Write all the insults and shit u wanna say to ppl u hate, but never have the guts to xx

  2. 1: Print pics of tumble and Instagram, make little collages and do quotes in fancy writing.

    2: Your all-time favorite recipes.

    3:Those arcade tickets that you have from when your were 10? Time to put them to use. Still them in and fill out the book with old photos, Draw mustaches on those people you don’t like

    4: What makes you happy? Make a big colorful list of all the things you like (long walks in snowy weather, hot chocolate with a ton of whipped cream, water fights,etc)

    5. Display/Halloween ideas, figure out some funky costumes, and see how much it will cost.

    6: Self improvement, fill it up with positive quotes, happy pictures, good memories and stuff.

    7:Scrap fabric book, put cutouts from that fave jumper you outgrew?

    8:Bucket lists!

    9: Letters? Magazine cut outs?

  3. I use mine as my own personal down on paper instagram I guess you could call it. I write what I’m doing, then keep something from that experience or activity and tape it in. Then I sometimes take a picture and put in there. It’s pretty fun and memorable!

  4. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

    Human translator: use it to talk about how awesome cats are

    Meow meow meow meow meow meow

    Human translator: this is a real cat talking

    Meow meow

    Human translator: kittehs rule

  5. Draw mandalas or have a random book with really random things like plane tickets, movie tickets, drawings, write down lyrics, stick down cool brand stickers, vouchers… Anything!

  6. Wow, another kid trying to act ‘cool’. ‘Kittehs’? Seriously? -.-

  7. Well you could write many things such as dreams not like when you wake up in the morning you write it down I’m talking about dreams you wan to happen and things.

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