Red Horseshoe Paper

Keep an eye out for these funky notebooks in your favorite gift or stationery shop! I spotted some at Cog & Pearl in Brooklyn a while back… They’re very cute, smaller than the usual cahier-type notebook.

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Notebook in HTC ThunderBolt Ad

Check out this online advertisement I stumbled across: very notebooky! They’re marketing a high-tech smartphone, but still come back to good old-fashioned paper.

Moleskine Monday: Goodbye

In Goodbye Moleskine Journal, Tim talks about his reasons for switching from paper to digital journaling, which include ease of searching, being able to attach photos snapped on an iPhone, and not having to worry about running out of pages at inopportune moments. All valid reasons, though he does wonder if he’ll have some regrets:

One day, long after I’m gone, maybe someone will find one of my old journals with drawings, notes, and crazy “my impossible list” goals in the back, but until then, I’ll just carry around my iPhone. For certain, in a decade the iPhone will be replaced and maybe I’ll find myself back to the old faithful paper journal. I’m sure there will be days of withdrawal and I’ll miss it.

By the way, on my desk I still keep a large spiral white paper journal to storyboard ideas. Mostly because I like to use visuals to think and explain. Maybe I need to replace that large drawing journal with the iPad. Time will tell.

Read more at Goodbye Moleskine Journal | Tim DeTellis.

Notebook Addict of the Week: E_Journeys

This week’s addict posted this collection of images on Flickr. Lots of notebooks, and a cool old trunk to keep them in!

Ugmonk Mini Sketchbooks

Some snazzy little sketchbooks from Ugmonk. They also make t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, prints, and more, all with bold graphics.

At $14.00 for a set of 3 pocket-size notebooks, they’re not cheap, but they’ll stand out from the rest of the cahier crowd!
More info at Ugmonk — MINI-SKETCHBOOKS (SET OF 3).

Niche: A Look at Moleskine’s Marketing

Here’s a new business book that uses Moleskine as a case study: Niche: Why the Market No Longer Favours the Mainstream, by James Harkin.

From the New York Times website:

[“Niche” is] a business book about how focusing on a smaller audience and gathering a greater percentage of its attention can be a stronger long-term business plan for a start-up than casting a wider net.

Harkin uses several examples to prove his thesis. Perhaps the most persuasive is his retelling of the history of the Moleskine notebook, as ubiquitous an item in and around The Times offices as eyeglasses and Diet Coke. Harkin discusses how in 1997, the company sold 3,000 notebooks; yet eight years later, worldwide sales were 4.5 million. He attributes that to the company’s focus on owning the high-end journal market, rather than trying to compete for the attention of the back-to-school set.

It’s certainly an amazing success story– but as Moleskine expands into selling reading glasses and pens and bags, will they start to lose that focus? Or find new ways to exploit more niches?

1,000 Journals Project

Here’s an interesting article about journals that have been set free to wander the globe over the past decade: A real page-turner: The results of the 1,000 Journals Project are revealed – Features, Art – The Independent.

It all started with a bit of graffiti on a toilet wall. But what began life as a rather personal project for graphic designer Brian Singer has become a global experiment, now in its 10th year.

The 1,000 Journals Project is a collaborative art endeavour, following the progress of a thousand blank books which were sent out into the world, to be written in and drawn on, doodled over and confided to, collaged or painted or sewn… The responses have certainly been varied….
His initial plan was to travel to cities around the world, and release 100 journals in each. But after Singer admitted to himself that this was “a pipe dream”, he began to send out batches of 10 books to interested individuals who had found out about the project and got in touch.

“After about 200 had gone out, it became a free-for-all – I’d send one to anyone who asked for one. They’ve gone pretty much all over the world; we’ve tracked them to maybe 40 different countries.”

While Singer accepts that many of the journals’ journeys may have halted – with the sketchbooks winding up on bookshelves or forgotten at the bottom of a drawer – the person who completes the final page is supposed to send the journal back to San Francisco. And sure enough, there has been a trickle of homecoming sketchbooks.

The first to return was Journal 526. Although only five “sightings” of it were recorded on the website, its pages were full and it had travelled across 13 American states, as well as visiting Brazil and Ireland. Singer has now received some 33 journals back, and has held exhibitions of the pages – The 1,000 Journals Project is currently exhibiting [as of January 2011, but not anymore, unfortunately!] at the Skirball Centre in LA – as well as producing a hardback book of the best bits.

The project continues to this day– if you want to participate, find out how here!

Moleskine Monday: Loops!’s Visual Diary

I love the visual journals some people keep in Moleskine diaries. This is a fantastic example, found at Doodlers Anonymous:

Loops! is a mommy living in Brussels and she fills her sketchbooks like a diary in living color. You’ll see drawn pages of her family’s travels, her kid’s being sick and the generally overwhelming and loving life of being a parent.

See more at Blog: Have We Met? – Doodlers Anonymous.

Reader Week Notebook Addict of the Week: Nathan

This week’s addict sent me a link to his blog post “Serious Notebook Addict,” where he displays these and other photos:

Yep, Nathan’s got a problem! Here’s what’s in his current collection:

  • 3 Large Moleskine Cahiers (although these are being sold in a couple of days)
  • 7 Composition Notebooks
  • 3 Medium Moleskine Black Cahiers
  • 1 spiral notebook that has “agel” brand on the front – this one is cool, it has lined and graph paper, but it doesn’t fill the whole page, I’ll have to talk about it later in another post.
  • 1 exceed brand spiral bound
  • 3 blue small “legal” pads
  • 2 lined journals – no brand
  • 1 Moleskine sketchbook – hard cover (medium)
  • 1 Moleskine hard black notebook (medium) – plain paper
  • 1 Moleskine soft cover planner
  • 1 spiral bound notebook
  • 1 medium lined Arwey notebook (with pen and pen holder!)
  • 4 small bamboo writersblok notebooks (only 3 are pictured, one is MIA…)
  • 1 Mead Star Wars – “Fat Little Wireless Neatbook” LOL
  • 4 Moleskine small volant notebooks (only 3 are pictured, one of the black ones is MIA)
  • 1 small soft lined Moleskine
  • 2 small cahiers (I sold the third one)
  • 2 small composition notebooks
  • 1 small reporter style spiral notebook
  • 1 small lined notebook “PaperBlanks” brand – this one is cool, I bought it in New York or Boston… I don’t remember. It looks like it is one of those cool old leather bound notebooks but it is just a hard cover.
  • 6 FieldNotes – 3 blank/3 graph

See more at Serious Notebook Addict « Man and Dog.

This brings “Reader Week” to a close, but I’ll be sharing more reader-submitted content on the blog in the future. Thanks again to everyone who sends me tips and links and photos of their notebook collections, and sorry it sometimes takes me so long to post them! But keep ’em coming!

Reader Week: Assorted Tips

Here’s a few cool notebook tips sent in over the past few months by various readers:

From Carol, this 100-year diary, which would make a great gift for a new parent:

From Victoria, Pantone Notebooks, available from Whitbread Wilkinson in the UK and Heliotrope Home in the USA (some other styles are available at Amazon:

From Anna and Paul, a lovely red Walt Whitman notebook, with a cover inscribed with “This hour I tell things in confidence,
I might not tell everybody but I will tell you.” Available from the Academy of American Poets online store:

Michaela from Vienna took a trip to Rome and sent me these enticing shots from a notebook store on a corner right near the Pantheon:

Thanks all for sending these in!