Notebook Addict of the Week: Journal Addict

This week’s addict is such an addict she even calls herself an addict in the title of her blog, Journal Addict. For those of you who don’t already follow Dolly’s blog, it’s well worth reading. She does some notebook reviews but also has lots of great thoughts about how and why we keep journals, as well as offering frequent journal-writing prompts to stimulate your creativity.

But now let’s see what she’s been using as her own journals! Dolly says:

I’ve been journaling for about 8-9 years, but have kept notebooks for various other things as well. This is a collection of journals and notebooks, at least the ones I could find at the moment. I am sure there are others hidden away somewhere. 
Picture 1 – Personal Journals
Picture 2 – Travel Journals
Picture 3 – Brand New Journals Waiting To Be Used
Picture 4 – 7 – Simply More Notebooks

I’m not sure I’ve posted the photos in the right order, but here they are:

I’m rather intrigued by those black notebooks with the grey spine, I’ve never seen anything quite like them. There are quite a few others that don’t look at all familiar to me either. All in all, it’s quite a collection! Thanks for showing us your journals, Dolly!

3 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Journal Addict”

  1. this is more like it! cool collection. i also would like to know which brand are the black/gray ones.

  2. Nifty,

    Thanks for publishing these :-)) Almost missed the entry.

    ccorrada / Jen,

    You mean the grey notebooks with black spine? They are Pukka notebooks. Really cool – they do various types, and some are better quality than others. These ones are really good quality pages.

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