Notebooks in Waiting

Here’s my stack of notebooks that are queued up for future daily use: some Moleskines, Piccadillies and HandBook Artist Journals, plus a couple other brands. Not to be confused with the many more notebooks I have already filled, or the ones that will probably just remain unused. Or ones yet to be reviewed, that I’m not sure will make it to daily use.

It doesn’t seem like all that big a stack… I try not to go crazy but if it gets much smaller, it will need to be replenished!


4 thoughts on “Notebooks in Waiting”

  1. Keep your Moleskines, I want the HandBooks!

    Ugh, if I had a stack like this I would be in heaven.

  2. What are the skinny ones that are a set of three in that red band? and the two skinny ones under them?…those look fantastic!

  3. You are so lucky, i always have to be stingy with my notebooks, i can go through that stack in a month.

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