Notebook Addict of the Year: Anene

Here we have another super-addict whose love for notebooks extends to loving to shower them upon others! Anene is the author of a novel, Dancing with Gravity, and the blog Anene Writes. She offered to send me “a couple” of notebooks and look what showed up!



 It’s an amazing variety, from a simple Mead composition book to some tiny handmade notebooks bound in Guatemalan(?) textiles. There’s a small notebook that comes with a mirror inside and a chain so you can wear it around your neck. There are Levenger Circa system disks and refills. There is an elephant dung paper journal. Some of my favorites were the journal with multi-colored leaf pages, and the Barnes & Noble/Miquelrius co-branded notebook. They’re every size and shape and color and texture! Obviously Anene is a devoted collector. She says “I share your addiction. And if I send you my duplicates…I’ll be able to go out, guilt-free and buy more!”










I’ll be sharing some of Anene’s generosity with some lucky readers: since I’m starting to run out of room for all the wonderful gifts and samples people send me, I’m going to start doing more random giveaways, and the first one is today! The randomly selected winner will receive an assortment of up to 5 randomly selected notebooks, including some of these. If you like surprises, enter in any of these ways:

On Twitter, tweet something containing the words “random notebooks” and “@NotebookStories.

On Facebook, “like” the  Notebook Stories page and post something containing the words “random notebooks” on my wall.

On your blog, post something containing the words “random notebooks” and “NotebookStories” and link back to this post.

And for those who don’t use the above options, you can also enter by leaving a comment on this post about why you need more notebooks!

The deadline for entry is Friday August 12 at 11:59PM, EST. Good luck everyone! And thank you again to Anene for sharing her addiction and her notebooks with all of us!


48 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Year: Anene”

  1. Why do I need more notebooks? Umm … er …. because … more notebooks mean more possibilites! Anything is possible with new notebooks!!

  2. How I would find your random notebooks inspiring! Being an artist, a closet writer, I think random notebooks would be just what the doctor ordered. 🙂 I *heart* them!!

  3. I need more notebooks because I love to fill them and I always have room for one more. A random selection of notebooks would be a sweet treat since I have been trying to cut down on purchasing them until I absolutely have to.

  4. Hmm–well, I need more notebooks because I might fill up the 96 blank books I currently have and then I’d be all alone with my fountain pen and no place to write!

  5. Why do I need more notebooks? Becasue they’re there! I will always fill them up, or my son and daughter will.

  6. In 4 weeks I am starting university (Art and History of Art), so between needing new sketchbooks to fill with techniques, ideas and research and new notebooks for lists, lecture notes, research, ideas and reading logs, I need all the notebooks I can get my hands on! Especially ones I can use fountain pen ink on…
    (By the way I am in the UK)

  7. I need more notebooks because my collection is small, it takes a long time to grow and this would be a nice opportunity to increase my amount that I own. And also because I want them, not just need them!! xxx

  8. Why wouldn’t all of us need more notebooks?!? Playing with our writing instruments, smelling and caressing the paper, connecting our intangible thoughts to porous cotton or plasticized vellum… ::salivate::

  9. I need more random notebooks to go with my ever-growing random pen collection. One must maintain a proper balance lest the pens get too full of themselves and attempt a coup of the stationery cupboard.

  10. I would love some random notebooks! I subscribed to this blog recently because I am building up my collection, and was looking for some new ideas. As a grad student, you can never have enough 🙂

  11. Because notebooks are my Kryptonite. 🙂 I’ve been dying to try the levinger system. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  12. I’ve been writing notes on index cards lately. I could use some new notebooks to use instead of the cards. I think I will be buried in an avalanche of white, card stock rectangles soon!

    Because you can never have enough. I use them for everything!
    I am salivating over that one with the Statue of Liberty on the front. Beautiful!

  14. I love those “Composition” notebooks, but I can’t locate the ones with the plain pages. All I see are the ones with rulled line, but I like those too for writing down information or notes.
    I found the same looking Composition notebooks in Baja Mexico over 20 years ago, but these had blank pages (no rulled lines) which were perfect to do sketches in.
    I also found a journal making website on custom decorating the Composition notebooks. I found other websites too on making your own journals and bought a couple of books.
    A fellow from a Spinning Guild gave a paper-making workshop recycling junk mail to members in the spinning guild I belong to and had a ball. Some of us left the workshop with a much as 20 sheets of handmade paper. I’m planning on creating a home made journal out of my home made paper. I also forward the link to the gentleman that taught the workshop the instructions on making your own journals so he can really turn his home made paper into a masterpiece.
    I made a homemade journal by bookbinding. The front cover has a closeup of my face. I call it “Cookie’s facebook” since I go by the nickname “Cookie”. Those I ever showed to journal to thought that idea was so funny! I also discovered a book making kit at a local art store. This kit consists of small pads of paper, thin cardboard for the outside cover the tiny books and decorative japanese paper that’s used to do origami. They are cutest little books. I’m planning on making more of decorative books using some of my home made paper.

  15. I “tweeted” and commented on the FB page. I’m commenting here that I love notebooks and can always pair a new one up with a fountain pen. Love the multicolored one, just like you!!

  16. Do I really need to say why I need more notebooks? Maybe a journal writer can never have enough. But mostly because I do like to have some notebooks on stand-by to choose from when I finish the one I am using at the moment. Plus these look neat overall.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  17. Why do I need more notebooks? Because I use them up so fast! I love them and carry them every where with me. It’s great for starting a conversation with people. I am amazed how many use a journal.

  18. None of us will ever have enough – there will always be at least one more out there that we don’t already have 🙂

  19. Second year in law school starts in two weeks. A couple of new notebooks would be a great way to start a new semester!
    Great blog. Keep it up.

  20. I always need more, but I can’t really say why.

    Probably because I get uneasy if I don’t have enough space to write down thoughts and ideas.

  21. I go through notebooks like candy and I also like to give them to my niece because she loves drawing and writing. Thanks!

  22. I love your blog! Until I started visiting here, I thought I was the only one with a notebook addiction.

    I would love to put my name in your draw, because I don’t have ANY of the notebooks shown above. How can that be? 😉

    I especially love the tiny Guatemalan notebooks, but the entire set is stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  23. I like your blog and I love notebooks. I don’t need any more, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more. Please feed my addiction LOL!

  24. Thanks for the generous giveaway! Let’s see… I only have a few notebooks that are almost used up, and can’t afford to buy any more (one of many reasons why being unemployed sucks). Besides, notebooks aren’t just objects… they’re symbols for creative potential.

  25. I need, need, need more notebooks because mine are all full and I’m about to go on vacation and I need one for writing, one for watercolors, one for zentangles, one for collaging, and, well, see why I am in need of more, more, more notebooks? Thanks for this lovely offer.

  26. I, too, am an addict to notebooks. I don’t want to use them because I’m afraid I’ll run out. But I’m getting over that now. Please enter me in your contest.

  27. Oh wow I love Anene’s connection. Especially those mini ones. They are so cute.

    As for why I need more random notebooks – well how else a Journal Addict supposed to keep up with this amazing addiction 😉 ?

  28. I would love random notebooks! I am always filling them with to do lists for personal life, hospital, writing down cases, interesting things i learn during residency, etc

  29. I have the same addiction and am always looking for lovely new notebooks to draw my lovely doodles 🙂 especially since I joined the Sketchbook challenge in january, I´m over half way through my sketchbook so far…

  30. Constantly on the search for the perfect notebook. Until then, I’ve recently filled another one with scenes from my novel. Some new ones would be much appreciated.

  31. Well none of my notebooks look like any of these, so that means I must NEED them, yes? 😀

    thanks for the giveaway & letting me enter!

  32. I need new notebooks because I journal daily…and they fill up quickly!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I also posted on FB…

  33. I need new notebooks because… well, I don’t need new notebooks. Let’s face it, I’ve got a massive, blank collection just waiting for me. But, hey, any opportunity to get new notebooks is a great opportunity!

  34. I have been searching for years for the perfect notebook and i know it is out there somewhere. I have a funny feeling that if i win this ill be introduced to the journal of my dreams.

  35. Why does a person need more notebooks?
    As long as we’re all asking stupid questions, do you like Rebbecca Black?

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