Notebook Addict of the Week: Millie

Millie sent me a link to this photo of her stash of unused notebooks. She points out that 2 didn’t make it into the photo… and I bet her collection of used notebooks would be pretty impressive too!


Full details on what all these notebooks are at Unused notebook collection.

Thanks for sharing, Millie!

Woodie Guthrie’s New Year’s Resolutions

This is pretty neat, Woodie Guthrie’s handwritten resolutions, with funny little drawings too:


Read more at Lists of Note: New Years Rulins.

Random Notebook Giveaway!

It’s time for a random giveaway, one that does not require any social media participation. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this page about why you love notebooks! I’ll be picking two lucky winners at random from among the comments. Please enter your email address in the comment submission form so I can contact you if you win– it won’t be shared, sold, or used for any other contact.

The deadline to enter is Friday Dec. 30. Good luck everyone!

iPhone Screen Mockup Notebook

If you’re someone who designs iPhone apps, here’s a notebook that will make it easier for you:

Find out more at Blueprints | iPhone Mockups.


Moleskine Monday: Customized Cahiers in Progress

If you have ever wanted an inside look at the workshop and process of an artist who sells customized Moleskines on Etsy, check this out:


Read more here: falling feathers – new moleskine journals |.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Lapin

Lapin’s been featured here before, but I spotted this via Doodlers Anonymous and had to make it an addict post. Here’s what DA had to say:

If you like to sketch and you don’t already know the work of the wonderfully talented Lapin, then you best start getting familiar with him. He’s a force to be reckon with. The above photo was taken while standing on a ladder and conveys (more or less) every drawn sketchbook of his.

Simply, WOW….

Isn’t this just glorious?

From the Mailbag

Catching up on my correspondence again!
Allegra Newman writes to tell us about her book, 365 Things to Write About:

“[The book] offers exactly 365 people, places, object, and ideas on blank, lined pages where people can write their responses. My writing partner and I created it as a different way to jumpstart our brains every day before we start work (or begin a new creative side project). We recommend spending 10-15 minutes a day writing whatever comes to your mind about one of the prompts. It could be a poem, a short story, a list, description, or silly rant. Regardless of what is written, it helps people in various walks of life to boost their brain power, generate new ideas, and connect with their inner creativity for a few minutes each day.”

Sounds like a great creativity booster! It’s available on Amazon.


Melissa needs help finding her perfect notebook:

I was hoping you might be able to help me find the right notebook for me. I’m trying to find a hard bound notebook or journal with white (not off-white like moleskin) blank pages that is in portrait format and bigger than 11×14. If you could even suggest a brand to try that would be very helpful.

The tricky thing here is finding something larger than 11×14″. The Cachet Classic Black Cover Sketchbook would be just right, but 11 x 14″ is the largest size. The Moleskine A3 sketchbbok is slightly larger at about 11 3/4 x 16″, but the paper won’t be the bright white she’s looking for.

Dick Blick Art Materials has a good selection of other sketchbooks, but the only ones I saw that were larger than 11 x 14″ were wire-bound.  The other solution might be to buy some extra-large paper and bind your own book! Does anyone else have any ideas?


Sandra found a cool notebook and wants your help in finding more:

A couple of days ago, I found this sketchbook at Marshall’s Department store for $4.95.  It’s approximately 9 in x 13 in, a thin ivory cardstock with red trim and a beautifully marbled cover.  It has a staple binding, but it’s very sturdy.  The wording ‘Valentina, Made in Italy’ is printed on the inside back cover.   I love the quality of the paper, but find the size a bit difficult to manage and would love to find out if the sketchbook can be found in any other size.  I searched Google and Bing but was unable to find any information.  The Marshalls’ website failed to offer any listing. Would you know of any other store that might carry this sketchbook?  Or shall I just starting haunting any Marshall’s I can find, in the hopes of discovering more of these gems?


Nestor asks “Do you know of any small safe that can be used to store your journal/diary so that no one else reads it?”
I have never stored my notebooks in anything more secure than a shoe box, but I do have one of these:

I use it for storing my passport, social security card, and important financial papers, but it could easily be used for notebooks as well. However, it’s very heavy and not that roomy inside because of the thick, fireproof walls. You could also use a more basic fireproof box like this:

These options might not be very sophisticated in terms of the lock mechanism, as they seem more designed for fire survival than theft prevention, but there are lots of other options for safes and security boxes here.


I’ll catch up with some more questions and submissions from readers soon. Thanks for all your emails!

Unexpected Sources of Cute Notebooks

I love finding notebooks where I least expect them. Drop into your local American Eagle Outfitters store and you might be able to snag some of these– they were marked down when I saw them a couple of weeks ago!

North Korean Notebooks!

Wow, if this isn’t a hot current events post, I don’t know what is!

Ok, there’s a lot more at stake in North Korea than what kind of notebooks Kim Jong-Il’s henchmen are using, but I’m fascinated nonetheless. If this is some home-grown North Korean brand, it could be the most challenging notebook ever to add to my collection… how can I get one without setting off another international crisis?!?

Big thanks to David Bogie for sharing this!

Moleskine Monday: A Video

In response to one of my other Moleskine Monday posts, a reader pointed me to this great video. Enjoy!

Moleskine RTW diary 1 not finished – YouTube.