Notebook Addict of the Week: David Garrett

This week’s addict blogs at Seize the Dave, where he shows off the nice row of Moleskine Cahiers (and an unidentified wire-o bound notebook) below.


Read more about his experience using fountain pens in these notebooks at seize the dave: paper review: moleskine cahier.

3 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: David Garrett”

  1. Love your phrase….
    (and an unidentified wire-o bound notebook)

    as if he’d been unfaithful…. or committed some heinous crime…. almost sacrilege . . .

    I’ve been loyal to M, the patron saint of notebooks for 42 volumes, only twice straying from the fold (every pun intended…) but a few Hail M’s and I received absolution.

    However when it comes to writing and drawing implements, I am a lost soul, promiscuous in my usage of them and psychopathic in my discarding of them . . . a veritable Pontius PILOT 🙂

  2. Hi Nifty,

    Thanks for the referral! In future shots of that bookshelf, you’ll start to see large Clairefontaine clothbound notebooks. I had to switch over because the quality of the Moleskine paper went through the floor in the latest batch.

    The wire-o notebook is a one-off I picked up at a trade conference. The paper wasn’t actually bad, if I recall correctly, but the form factor annoyed me to no end.

  3. lol!i saw the spiral of the last notebook reflecting off the wood and I thought it was another brown journal.Seize the Dave hahahahah thats funny and clever

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