Notebook Addict of the Week: A Penchant for Paper

This week’s addict is Heather at A Penchant for Paper. I really enjoyed her post about her system of using multiple notebooks, including the ones below:

“I have multiple notebooks, multiple pens and pencils, and multiple pen cases, all of them equally stuffed full, and I still find myself acquiring more, although not quite as much these days as I once did. However, I have gradually developed something of a notebook system: a series of notebooks, each with a distinct use.”

An interesting variety of sizes and shapes and colors and brands, each used for different purposes in ways that have changed over time. I love all the details she shared about the evolution of her notebook system!

Read more at A Penchant for Paper: My Notebook System.

A 1977 Diary

Wouldn’t you love to read what’s in this diary?

Well, you can! Its owner has transcribed all the entries into a blog:

In 1976, I read Dracula which is a book that is completely told through diary entries. It impressed me so much that at age 13 I decided it was time I marked the drama of my young life down in print. I’ve carried this torn up red book, that I bought at Stewart’s 5&10 on 63rd street that summer, around with me everywhere I’ve lived. In fact, about ten years ago I did an auto-biographical piece using the entries and singing themes from the TV shows of the day. If you read these regularly you’ll see that mostly this is a fascinating look at what a non-typical 13 year old with much time and few friends watched.

Read more at One Year Diary Circa 1977: First Entry.

Moleskine Monday: What is So Great About Them?

Here’s someone who has attempted to tackle the eternal question of why this particular brand of notebooks has become so popular: What is So Great About Moleskin Notebooks? 8 Reasons the Moleskin Notebook is So Appealing.

Unfortunately, his reason #1 is the not-really-true one about them being used by Hemingway and VanGogh. But here’s some other good ones:

6. They wear out well. The charm of the Moleskine notebook really comes out once it becomes a “used” notebook. A small notebook sitting in someone’s pocket for some time begins to form and change shape to fit in the pocket and against the body. It’s almost as if it adapts and changes shape. In a good way. It becomes comfortable.

7. Having a full Moleskine. As above, there is something extremely satisfying when you fill up a Moleskine. The charm of it all really comes out when you look at the worn bind and full pages. Fill up several of these and it makes the effect even better.

Of course, other brands of notebooks also look appealing when they’re worn in and full…
What makes Moleskines appealing to you?

Notebook Addict of the Week: Jose Silva

This week’s addict posted the image below on Flickr:

A nice collection, with Rite in the Rain, Moleskine (cahiers and regular), Rhodia, Paperblanks and Miquelrius.

He’s also written about his notebook choices here.

See the original image and comments at Notebooks – never enough.

Huldra Press

I came across an interesting story a while back about Huldra Press, owned by Marianne Dages. She makes letterpress cards and prints, as well as bound journals using recycled papers.

“I started making books like this because I was always kind of afraid of starting a perfectly white, blank book,” she said. “So, my idea was to make it a little bit more welcoming to start with, and already kind of started with different paper to inspire you to use it in whatever way you wanted to.”
Dages’s notebooks are unique creations with interiors sourced from vintage paper. The pages don’t always match and they’re not always blank. One page might be graph paper. The next might bear the crisp blue-lined grid of an accountant’s ledger or library check-out card. Occasionally, there’s a page with a photo or illustration taken from science, natural history or even vintage children’s books, to fill in an otherwise intimidating blank.

The elegant leather-bound and hardcover journals have an artistic quality that customers are sometimes reluctant disrupt with writing and sketches, but Dages encourages them to do just that.

“It’s a little handmade thing in your life, but that doesn’t mean it has to be treated preciously,” she said. “People say, ‘I don’t know what to write in my book. I feel like I have to think of something amazing,’ but I encourage people to use them for anything. I mean, I use them for grocery lists.”

Read more at Huldra Press helps conquer the fear of blank books — NewsWorks and make sure you look at the accompanying slideshow of her printshop in action.

Western Suede-covered Diary from 1949

This unique item was a Christmas gift to me from one of the few people who knows I’m obsessed enough with notebooks to write this blog. Of course I was thrilled when I opened the wrapping paper and saw it:



The notebook is about 4×6″, with what appears to be a hand-painted suede cover. I was even more thrilled when I opened that cover and saw this:


I couldn’t believe the notebook was that old– the spine is quite stiff and there are slight stains around the snap, but it’s otherwise in perfect condition and in no way looks like it’s over 60 years old!


The inside front cover image is funny. I love how it says “Diary for Everyday,” as if “everyday” is when you see a shirtless Adonis lounging amidst Greek ruins while he gazes at his diary. Meanwhile, you’ve got someone taking a siesta on the front– it seems a bit incongruous, and I suspect some enterprising person bought a bunch of plain-looking diaries and glued them into these suede covers so they could sell them as a tourist item.

More interesting details from within:


So handy to have a place to write the lodges you belong to!

It’s just amazing that this ended up on EBay, and that someone snagged it for ME! Thanks again, Danny!

Smartphone Notebook

Interesting idea, but not very practical, I’d say. The pages all have a  weirdly shaped hole in them, and although they’ve left a space for a headphone cord, you can’t turn the page without having to thread the cord through the hole or take the phone out. Surely there’s a better way to make a notebook that will hold a phone inside.


See more at Smartphone Notebook 2 for iPhone 4/4S: Unexpectedly Useful? – Technabob.

Moleskine Monday: Hiking Journals by Kolby Kirk

So cool, I love this composite image of 704 Moleskine pages from Kolby Kirk, aka The Hike Guy. I’ve mentioned him on this blog before, but I think this is my favorite yet!


Read all about the journals and see more of Kolby’s excellent sketches at My Pacific Crest Trail Moleskine Journals | The Hike Guy.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Antgirl

This week’s addict was found on Flickr here.
I love this big stack of notebooks, all dated on the edge.