Random Notebooks from My Collection

Here’s a few things I pulled out of one of my storage boxes, about half of which is filled with childhood notebooks from the late ’70s to mid-’80s.

First, a small orange looseleaf notebook. I was probably in about 6th grade when I decided to devote it to Astronomy and colored the cover with a metallic marker, which I guess I thought might look kind of futuristic and space-y. I pasted in a few pages worth of astronomy pictures, but didn’t get very far with it. Instead of using looseleaf paper, I filled the binder with pages from two spiral notebooks, including the back cover of one of them.

random notebooks02random notebooks04random notebooks03random notebooks05

This 1981 diary was used over a period of several years, when I went from having no idea how to fill a page other than with doodles to at least writing some little lists and comments about my friends and homework I had to do. I loved this kind of diary, which always included extra pages with useful info. Note how I amended the list of US presidents with the newly-elected Ronald Reagan.

random notebooks06random notebooks07random notebooks09random notebooks08

I made this fabric notebook cover myself, gluing it together as best I could, probably because my mother didn’t want to sew it for me. She used to do a lot of sewing, so there were always fabric scraps for me to turn into notebook covers, but most of them didn’t turn out very well, as I tended to have overly complicated ideas about secret pockets and pen holders. This one contains a stapled pad I made out of some sort of billing forms from Harvard, which one of my relatives used to bring home from the office for me to scribble on. I never wrote anything more than this one thing on the first page of the notebook.

random notebooks10random notebooks12random notebooks11random notebooks 11
That’s it for today, but there’s plenty more where these came from:
random notebooks01

3 thoughts on “Random Notebooks from My Collection”

  1. I have the similar notebook dedicated to astronomy. I used an articles in the newspapers & magazines. My notebook was made in China ruled hardcover notebook.

  2. Just wondering if you might remember notebooks that had beautiful detailed fashion drawings on the covers? I remember the series was called Haute Couture, but I can’t remember what the brand was. Those were my favorite notebooks and wish they still made them.

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