Labor Day: Notebooks at Work

In honor of Labor Day, let’s talk about notebooks used at work, whether it be in an office, or on a construction site, or in a laboratory, or in a classroom, or wherever and however workers use notebooks.

I had food service jobs in college and didn’t really use notebooks for that, other than to keep track of the shifts I was supposed to work. After graduating, I worked in a bookstore and kept a notebook full of to-do lists and notes about scheduling and procedures. Now, I work for a publishing company, where I use a large notebook constantly to keep track of my to-do list and notes from the many meetings I have to attend. I also use a looseleaf binder to store information I need to refer to regularly–  things like schedules, key contacts, lists of passwords, and lists of account numbers, each of which is protected in a plastic sleeve.

I also keep a lot of spare notebooks at my office– mainly because I am running out of room at home! I have about a dozen Moleskines stashed in a desk drawer, and I also have a large box full of samples at any given time, waiting to be sent out to giveaway winners.


How about you? How do you use notebooks at work, and what sorts of notebooks do you keep in your workplace?

6 thoughts on “Labor Day: Notebooks at Work”

  1. Ever since 4th or 5th grade, I think, I’ve had a planner of some kind — first to write down all the homework I needed to do, and then for “work-work” related to-do lists. I also typically have a Moleskine-like notebook (currently a Leuchtturm) for notes at talks, conferences, etc., and for drafting whatever project I’m working on.

  2. Cell phones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices are not allowed where I work, so notebooks are the norm. I also keep a paper planner because while I may not always have access to my cell phone or my work Outlook calendar, I always have my purse with me.

    Type of notebook varies depending on what’s available. Mostly I use a spiral Executive Steno Notebook by Skilcraft.

  3. I tend to not trust electronic media so I keep two notebooks usually. One is typically a regular composition book that I keep work notes in and one is some sort of pocket notebook for a calendar, personal notes/ journal, financial accounts, workouts, etc.

    I have gotten them both to the point where I go through one of each every two months so 6 of each every year takes care of me.

    Now that being said, Im a notebook whore and cant resist the urge to screw around with new books and layouts from time to time, but I have always come back to this standard. It just works.

  4. I have used a Day Timer binder for 15 years now and keep all of my past calendars in 3-ring binders. I also use a Moleskine Reporter for my design book (I am an Instructional designer). It is carried with me to meetings and contains all my notes on the various projects I am working on.

    I also have a little spiral on my desk that I use for scratch notes that really don’t have any other place to be. I keep these archived as well.

    I also keep a small Moleskine with me everywhere I go as a sort of catch all. These are just work related notebooks, I keep many others for personal use as well.

  5. I have a Franklin Planner, and have for years. I too keep all of my past calendars in 3-ring binders. I use mine for everything – from to do lists, to projects, to notes on work activities, to personal journaling. I also have a cheapo pocket memo book on me for when the planner isn’t available. I’ll tape used memo sheets into their place in the planner when I get back.

    Simply put, if it doesn’t get written down into at least one of these two books, it simply does not get done.

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