Notebook Addict of the Week: Sarita

Sarita emailed me some photos of a great collection!
sarita1 sarita2 sarita3 sarita4 sarita5 sarita6 sarita7 sarita8
Sarita says:
“I’m not even ¬†sure if this number is accurate, but I believe I have about 25 unused & 35 used or briefly written in notebooks in this collection. I have a very bad habit of picking up notebooks that are cute and I end up feeling like I should never ever taint them, and the moment I write something in one of the notebooks, it feels “tainted” to me and I feel the need to replace it with a new notebook. Most of my recent additions have been bought from Target or from the Target clearance section ūüôā
I think I’ve always been drawn to notebooks, but in these recent years I’ve really started to get into collecting them! (I’m not even sure if these are ALL the notebooks I own in these photos, I’m pretty sure there a few used ones hiding around somewhere…..haha)
I mainly use my notebooks for class notes, keeping up with to-do lists, brief writing ideas/planning out comic/art ideas, and sketchbooks!
I hope you like my collection! <3
Also I’m not sure if you’re aware of this new notebook brand, but I recently discovered Target put these in their shelves! The brand is called “Yoobi” and they are very similar to the Moleskine brand!
From what I saw, these notebooks were also available in the colors red and green, and I don’t think I’ve noticed any sketchbooks yet, just journals!”

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Sarita!

Coolest Book Ever: SYLLABUS by Lynda Barry

Notebook lovers and Lynda Barry fans (I am both) will just die of happiness when they see this book!

Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor

Not only is every page chock full of Lynda Barry’s unique art and the creativity exercises she developed for the classes she’s taught, plus examples of student work… the amazing thing is that the whole book is a facsimile composition book!


A single stitched signature, rounded corners, the exact size, and it even has the tape on the spine! It’s just a gorgeous object as well as an inspiring manual. I spent a few hours just poring over it when I first got it… and I know I’ll spend many more! Here’s a sneak peek of one of my favorite pages, with a pile of the composition books all the students used in one semester.



Check out Lynda Barry’s other wonderful books too:
What It Is
Picture This: The Near-sighted Monkey Book

A Notebook from Ecuador

ecuador notebook01

I bought this notebook in Quito, Ecuador, on the last night of a week-long trip spent in¬† the Galapagos Islands, with a stopover in Quito in each direction. (You can see a few of my Galapagos sketchbook pages in this post.) There weren’t many opportunities to shop for stationery on the trip, but I did see some notebooks in Quito and at the airport, many of them a local brand called Betero— I would have bought one of those too but they were that 9 x 15 cm size that bothers me, and they were a bit expensive in the airport shop, so I ended up deciding against it, which I regret now! I purchased this notebook in the gift shop of a rather touristy restaurant called La Choza that was supposedly one of the best places to get Ecuadorian/Andean food. The food was fine, but I was more interested in the cultural experience, as there was an elaborate Ballet Folklorico dance and music performance during our meal, and the shop had some charming crafts.¬† I picked this design out of several variations, all of which had uniquely Ecuadorian objects or art pictured on the covers, in this case an antique coin.

The brand is ArteSonado. (They have some other interesting designs on their website.) It’s kind of¬† a hybrid softcover– the cover is just printed cardboard, not wrapped, but it’s not as flexible as some softcovers. It’s slightly smaller than the hardcover pocket Moleskine shown below for comparison.

ecuador notebook10ecuador notebook09

The elastic closure is a bit narrower than most, and anchored further away from the top and bottom of the back cover than usual. The outer cover is creased and left unglued around the spine in order to give it room to bend so the notebook can open totally flat.

ecuador notebook02ecuador notebook08ecuador notebook04

The black endpapers are nice, but the rear pocket is not very well thought out. It’s so small it won’t hold much more than a business card– no expanding sides. The open edge also faces outward so anything stored in there could slip out.

ecuador notebook03ecuador notebook05

The paper is slightly toothy rather than smooth, and show-through and bleed-through are a bit worse than average.

ecuador notebook06ecuador notebook07

Ultimately, this notebook has mainly souvenir value for me. It’s not the sort of thing I’d use every day due to the paper and the awkwardness of the pocket, but if I ever decide to try to collect a notebook from every country, I’ll have Ecuador taken care of!

Moleskine Monday: “The Comeback of the Notebook”

Newsflash! People like using notebooks, even in our digital age! Below is a screenshot of a German video news segment (in English) about people using notebooks and sketchbooks, particularly Moleskines. My favorite part is the appearance of fellow notebook blogger Christian Mahler from

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.51.12 PM

See the video at The Comeback of the Notebook | All media content | DW.DE | 17.10.2014.

Big thank you to David Bogie for the tip!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Ayah

This week’s addict is a fiction writer who has a collection of almost two hundred ¬†journals. You can see a picture gallery here:¬†
She also has several youtube videos chronicling her journaling obsession:

¬†Here’s a sneak peek of that photo gallery:
Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 7.09.52 PM
Looks like a great collection! Thanks for sharing your addiction, Ayah!

Notebooks on a Book Cover

This looks like a great book, and not just because of all those lovely well-used notebooks on the cover!
In Fact: The Best of Creative Nonfiction


Ian Curtis’ Journal

A notebook that belonged to Ian Curtis, the singer from Joy Division:

His journals and lyrics are being published in a book: So This is Permanence: Lyrics and Notebooks

Via leugenio: Ian Curtis journal and the lyrics to….

West Yorkshire Police Switch to Electronic Notebooks

Which would you rather see a police officer using? This:

Or this:

I suppose for the sake of efficiency and accuracy in reporting crime, electronic record-keeping may be a good idea. But that old fashioned notebook looks nice!


Read more at West Yorkshire Police to say “Goodbye” to traditional notebooks – Huddersfield Examiner.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Olia

This week’s addict emailed me a photo of her collection, including a lovely slipcased set of pink journals which you can see at the far right.
my notebooks
Olia says:
“I recently discovered Leuchtturm journals and really like the soft cover pocket versions. Can’t get enough of the white lined ones!
You can find more photos on my personal blog:

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Olia!