Two New Notebook Reviews at Black Cover: The Picadilly Notebook and the Agawami +1

Black Cover has just reviewed a very promising Moleskine-alternative, the Picadilly Notebook. It only costs $5, which, given recent economic events, will surely be appealing to all the addicts out there who were planning to cash out their 401ks to buy notebooks. Black Cover has even given readers a code for a 15% discount! Less […]

What Kind of Notebook Is Best for Creative Writing?

Cat Rambo’s thoughts On Writing Process, a guest post at Jeff Vandermeer’s Ecstatic Days. I write in large sketch pads, because I like the space to draw arrows and circles and make marginal notes. I used to write in Moleskin [sic] notebooks, but nowadays they just don’t seem large enough for novel-sized thinking. I save […]

To Keep or Not To Keep: Notebooks and Posterity?

These two posts caught my eye today: This morning I’ve been thinking about how last May my literary archives went to Texas. All my papers (letters to and from me, journals, notebooks, drafts and fragment of work both published and unpublished, contracts, bank statements, phone bills, you name it) had lived with me for over […]

We All Have a Problem

Theme for today’s links: that impulse to buy new notebooks while having an inability to fill them: I have a nasty habit of saving notebooks I like until I have the perfect thing to write in them, and then I never end up writing in them Rule #7: No new notebooks or writing paper. Use […]

Snazzy New Miquelrius Designs

By Joshua Davis, to be available soon. (via Hip. Young. Thing)

Unfinished Notebooks

Via CoolHunting, here’s a line of limited-edition notebooks that will appeal to collectors of unique art and design. They’re called Unfinished Notebooks, made by Studio Matador. They look great, but I’d have a hard time actually writing in one of these, I think– when a notebook seems too special, it can be paralyzing! Who wants […]

Notebooks From the Past: Recipes for Genever

Here’s a nice image, from a New York Times article yesterday about the history of gin: It’s a recipe book from the 1820s, with some kind of formula, I guess, for making genever, a Dutch ancestor of the gin we drink today. I love all that small elegant handwriting and the way they’ve crammed so […]

Red Moleskine Notebooks

I noticed that Barnes & Noble sells some red Moleskines (pocket size, ruled paper) with their store brand on the wrapper. I figured this was some exclusive deal they’d made but apparently not: a UK website is offering large and small, ruled and plain Moleskines with a red cover. Moleskine’s own online catalog makes no […]

My Current Notebook Usage Dilemma

I go through a variety of notebook-using habits. Lately, I tend to have about 3 going at once. I have a soft-cover Moleskine with graph paper pages that I’m using for daily jottings: to-do’s, French vocabulary, notes on books or movies to read, etc. A lot of these kinds of notes are things that I […]

Notebooks Can Be Your Downfall

I got a kick out of this post from Gothamist, about an elderly lawyer who kept a notebook labeled “Tax Journal,” in which he dutifully recorded expenses that he later deducted. Good idea, in theory, but not when those supposedly tax-deductible expenses are, for 2002 alone, “$111,364 for ‘therapeutic sex’ and massages ‘to relieve osteoarthritis […]