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The Drew Family Diaries

In my post about Denbigh notebooks, I linked to a site that had a photo of a Denbigh notebook from the 1960s: Drew Family Diaries. These diaries are worth a post of their own! Roger Drew created a website to share this amazing collection of diaries kept by members of his family, starting with his … Continue reading The Drew Family Diaries

Notebook Prices

I’ve recently realized that I’ve been blogging about notebooks so long that I’m stuck in the past when I think about prices. The inflation kicked off by COVID and the Ukraine war, and sustained perhaps by some opportunistic corporate greed, has resulted in a lot of price increases for various consumer products over the last … Continue reading Notebook Prices

15 Years of Notebook Stories

Whoops, I forgot to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this blog yesterday! 9/12/2008 was my first post. 15 years and 2,373 posts later, I’m still here, still posting (if not as frequently), still buying notebooks (maybe a little less frequently), and still writing in lots of notebooks (even more frequently). And I love that people … Continue reading 15 Years of Notebook Stories

Notebooks Made of Cloth

Cloth covers aren’t that unusual for notebooks, but how about a notebook made entirely of cloth and needlework– even the writing in it!?! [Candace Hicks’s] primary art practice includes recreating classic composition notebooks in cloth form, embroidering text into their fabric pages. The text is mostly composed of collected snippets that she finds recurring in … Continue reading Notebooks Made of Cloth

Notebook Storage Boxes

Anyone who’s followed this site for a while will have seen quite a few photos of notebooks stored in various ways: piles in cabinets, piles in drawers, wicker baskets, under-bed boxes, plastic sweater boxes, white cardboard banker’s boxes, moving boxes, and lots and lots of shoeboxes. Of these storage methods, a couple of favorites stick … Continue reading Notebook Storage Boxes

2022 –> 2023!

I’ve been reading everyone’s year-end recaps and new year’s resolutions and feeling like I need to jump on that bandwagon! But I can’t say I have any sweeping overviews or grand intentions. I’m kind of a creature of habit when it comes to notebooks, so “new year” doesn’t mean there’s that much new to talk … Continue reading 2022 –> 2023!

Korean Notebook Set

A old friend of mine lives in South Korea. Whenever she visits the US, she brings me some little gift, usually cute Korean stationery! This little notebook set was from her last visit. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen notebooks clipped into a carabiner before! The notebooks are all blank inside, and each has a … Continue reading Korean Notebook Set

My Pen Collection, 2022

Fans of writing tools seem to fall into two groups: the pen/pencil people and the paper people. But for most of us, both are important, as the combination of pen and paper is sometimes more important then each thing on its own. My focus has always been on paper, in the form of notebooks, but … Continue reading My Pen Collection, 2022

Nicolas V. Sanchez Sketchbooks

Nicolas V. Sanchez does amazing drawings in sketchbooks, using ballpoint pens with stunning skill and delicacy. I love the section of his website where he presents a series of notebooks he’s filled with his incredibly vibrant drawings: See more at Nicolas V. Sanchez– Books and on Instagram at @nicolasvsanchez .

Notebook Addict of the Week: Warren Ellis

This week’s addict is a writer of graphic novels and creator of the Netflix series Castlevania, among other creative ventures. On his website, he talks about his shift away from digital tools to capturing all this thoughts in notebooks like these: I almost exclusively think on paper these days. The first page of each notebook … Continue reading Notebook Addict of the Week: Warren Ellis