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My name is Nifty and I am a notebook addict. I own hundreds of notebooks, some filled with ideas, memories, drawings, lists, numbers, and stories… and some still empty and pristine. I’m always searching for the perfect notebook to use.

Notebook Stories presents notebooks from my collection, other people’s notebooks, new product reviews, links to other notebook resources, and explorations of the ways we use notebooks, journals, blank books, sketchbooks and the like. Join me in celebrating the notebook obsession so many of us share!

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  1. Please I need the direct contact of conceptum. Notebook in Germany I intend to buy in large quantity

  2. Hi there!

    Just thought I’d share a new notebook option with the community on your blog: we make hardcover, hand-sewn notebooks in Waterloo, Ontario. Always welcoming new notebook ideas/feedback/custom book orders! Feel free to reach out with any questions!


  3. Thanks for sharing. For lined notebooks we are loving the unique fresh designs from http://linednotebooks.co.uk – what do you think?

  4. Hello, we wanted to present or new brand HALMA.
    We produce illustrated handmade notebooks, with themes inspired on nature.
    Please visit us on https://www.etsy.com/pt/shop/HALMAshop

  5. Saw this on FB today and thought you might like it:


  6. Hi
    I am artist in the HOM note books – there are 8 notebooks with my art on cover – lets talk
    Hope all is well p

  7. Dear Nifty,
    I’m experimenting with fore-edge painting. Acrylic paint sits on the outside of the page where I want it, so when I bend the pages the image can show, but it flakes after too many openings and when you separate stuck together pages. Oil and wax bases stain the inner paper. So far, water bases are either not opaque enough or stain the paper. Of course, the type of paper is also an issue. The pages of a watercolor pad would be too thick, but too thin paper would soak through to the next page, the finish on the paper is an issue, etc. So maybe a fake gild edge that I can paint then shut the book and wipe off would be the answer. This would need to be a plain blank book. Everything online is expensive and/or has leather. It would also have to be cheap enough to experiment with and throw away if it doesn’t work. If it really does, I’d buy more. Do you have any ideas of cheap, plain, fake gilt edge notebooks? (Maybe there is even a place that would send a free sample!) It doesn’t let me attach a photo here, so I hope I’m making sense!
    Thanks 🙂

  8. forgot to click “notify me”

  9. Hi, first i would like to say that i love your blog. read it all the time. let me ask you something
    do you know of a spiral notebook that uses yellow pages like a legal pad does?

    im looking for a spiral notebook but the pages yellow like legal pa instead of white.

  10. several years ago i purchased blank, unline’d notebooks from borders. they are now out-of-business. i need to purchase an entire case if there are any stored. 8.5×11. also a grid lined notebook with a rounded spine, powell’s city of books. thanks!

  11. Hi, I hope that you are doing well.

    Doodle collection is a premium notebooks manufacturer in India. Our range of diaries are made of paper and PU. We use high quality material, a selection of color and with state of the art technology, each cover has a sensational tactile and distinct style. We would request you to post an introductory article about us we would love to provide you all the details.


  12. Hi Nifty I’ve been wandering through your blog searching for the perfect soft cover plain notebook to write down ideas, schemas, charts… small or medium size I havent decided… for sure no matter for back pocket…but yet I think i havent found it…. any unexpected suggestion? I know picadilly moleskine ciak cartesio

  13. Would welcome an opportunity to discuss a line of new notebooks, not released in the USA at this time.

    Corey Ginsburg
    Hilltop Paper LLC

  14. Hello Nifty! A new fan here. I’m attempting to dig through the depths of your blog to find my idea of the perfect book!
    Im looking for a notebook that has:
    Dot Grid, Hard Cover with Elastic closure, anything between 8×5 and 7×4.25 in size and the clincher…
    Less than $10
    Basically.. A moleskine-like alternative that doesnt break bank! As my intended purpose doesnt justify Moleskine, Rhodia & Leuchtturm 1917’s $ $12+ price tag.
    If you ever do another one of your “Questions from Readers” posts I’d love for my question to be posted!
    Thanks for reading,

  15. Hello – so I’m a leftie and am about to run out of my inventory of beloved Black n’ Red 11 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ Quad ruled notebooks. In researching where to replenish my supply from I’ve discovered, I think, that they are no longer manufactured. Is this really the case? Brutal if it is. Do you have recommendations for alternatives? The Moleskine paper is a real snoozer with its ‘builder beige’ tint, so I’m hoping for something leftie-friendly, quad ruled, white, etc.

    All the best,


  16. Hello Nifty and everyone!

    I wanted to tell everyone about some beautiful journals on etsy.com by a woman named Teo who lives in Portugal and is a bookbinder. Her journals/diaries are of an old style. Anyone who loves old books and antiques will love these journals. I have bought 6 journals from her so far. They are on the expensive side but are well worth it. The journals are not just for writing but for drawing/sketching/water coloring and she even makes photo albums.

    Her shop name is teostudio and I highly recommend everyone check them out.

    Best regards,

  17. Hello, can you feature these?

  18. Hello Nifty,

    Would love to get in touch regarding a review.

    Best regards,

  19. Hi Nifty
    We just wanted to say keep up the good work! It’s great to see a site which loves notebooks as much as we do- and the posts are so detailed 🙂

  20. Hello there, Nifty:

    I enjoy your blog and come in from time to time to catch up on all the world of notebookery.

    Quick question – have you any recommendations for manufacturers of writing paper/writing pads? Specifically I am after anything of decent quality in A5 size. As well as being a diarist, I am also a letter writer and have, for many years, sent out letters on the flimsiest of paper. It has only occurred to me recently to lift my letter writing standards to that of my notebook standards.

    I’ve been a Moleskine devotee for many years but cannot find any product in the Moleskine line like this. In fact, I cannot find any loose leaf/writing pads at all through Moleskine.

    Would you have any recommendations?

    Many thanks,

    Anthony – Sydney, Australia

  21. Hi there,

    Love your blog, found it very helpful for my new creation ‘The Captain’s Log’.

    I’m going to be running a Kickstarter campaign (preview link) in a couple of weeks.

    Would it be something that might interest your crowd?

    If it is I can send you more details of launch date, media kit etc

    Many Thanks,

    Kieran Butler

  22. https://thecaptainslog.com

  23. Good afternoon Nifty, I haven’t been able to find any reference to this blog here at Notebook Stories, so you might be interested. I especially liked what he said about a notebook’s ambiance: “I want something that makes me feel light and nimble, practical, yet … a craftsman, somehow.”


    Regards, Bluejay

  24. Hey Nifty,
    So pleased that I found this site as I have only just started my obsession with notebooks and the detail that can seen when one notices. I was hoping you could help me out or point me in a direction to satisfy my need/ want/ my have.
    Within the last week I have begun my final year studies in Interior Design at the Art school and was looking for (in my head) the perfect sketchbook/ journal to play with and sketch the thoughts roaming around my head.
    After must research I came across the idealistic Nanami ‘CrossField’ Journal, edition 1. Now the edition one as you I assume an expert in this field has a dotted layout, and is no longer in production where Edition 2 although available has a grid ( which I’m not fond of).
    Is there anyway you know how to grab a 1st edition, or have one you are willing to part with at a price? I would be interested in chatting.
    Thanks for your site.

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