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No-Name Pocket Filofax, 1990s

Here’s another trip down memory lane with a Filofax from my collection of refillable notebooks. This Filofax must have been bought before the two Pocket Chelsea models I wrote about recently. At first, I thought it might be more recent, because it is in such good condition, but it only has 4 rings, a configuration … Continue reading No-Name Pocket Filofax, 1990s

Notebooks I Brought on Vacation

In my last post, I shared a photo of the notebooks I had with me on my end-of-summer vacation. Commenter Vic, from Portugal, noted that for a “short vacation,” 8 notebooks was maybe kind of a lot, especially since I was in a place where I could (and did) easily buy more notebooks. Guilty as … Continue reading Notebooks I Brought on Vacation

15 Years of Notebook Stories

Whoops, I forgot to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this blog yesterday! 9/12/2008 was my first post. 15 years and 2,373 posts later, I’m still here, still posting (if not as frequently), still buying notebooks (maybe a little less frequently), and still writing in lots of notebooks (even more frequently). And I love that people … Continue reading 15 Years of Notebook Stories

Filofax Pocket Chelsea, Two Ways

As noted recently, I’ve been revisiting some of my old Filofaxes, which feel like time capsules from the late 1990s. One of my favorites from that time was the Filofax Pocket Chelsea. I liked it so much, I bought two! They are actually slightly different, though no distinction was made in the model name. Both … Continue reading Filofax Pocket Chelsea, Two Ways

Can You Have Too Many Refillable Notebooks?

For all that I’m an unrepentant notebook addict, with way more notebooks than I could ever use in my lifetime, I sometimes actually find myself looking at someone else’s collection and feeling a little judge-y. This happens mainly on Instagram where I’ve seen various people displaying shelves full of 5 or 10 or 20 Travelers … Continue reading Can You Have Too Many Refillable Notebooks?

Plotter Notebook Mini Size Now Available in the USA

A few months ago, I wrote about the launch of Plotter USA, but lamented that they were only selling larger sizes, not including the 6-ring “Mini” pocket size they sell in Japan. Happily, they are now introducing the Mini size Plotter notebook for the US market. And even more happily, I received a free sample … Continue reading Plotter Notebook Mini Size Now Available in the USA

Notebook Discontents and Regrets

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but I LOVE notebooks. I am always attracted to all sorts of notebooks. I can’t pass an office supply store without taking a look, even if I’m pretty sure the selection won’t be that interesting. Even the back to school pallets of cheap-o spiral notebooks at Staples … Continue reading Notebook Discontents and Regrets

Nigel Shafran’s Notebooks

Photographer Nigel Shafran‘s “Work Books” were exhibited in 2018 as the first show at a new London gallery, Sion and Moore. Here’s a few photos from a Wallpaper article about the show: Rather than present the photographs he is celebrated for, the work books – part sketchbook, part diary – give a deeper, more intimate … Continue reading Nigel Shafran’s Notebooks

Pilot B7 Binder Notebook Review

The Pilot B7 Binder notebook is another Japanese “system organizer” type looseleaf that I ordered at the same time as my Raymay Davinci notebook. I love this format of slim pocket sized binder! The Pilot B7 Binder is a pocket sized looseleaf notebook. It comes packaged in a clear plastic slipcover that allows you to … Continue reading Pilot B7 Binder Notebook Review

Shoebox Tour: Filofax and Other Looseleaf Notebooks

Here’s another shoebox full of notebooks from my collection. This one has most of my Filofaxes and other refillable looseleaf notebooks. First, here’s the Filofaxes. I used 4 of these on a regular basis during the mid to late 1990s. (See Pocket Filofax, Early 1990s for details on the burgundy one.) These older ones all … Continue reading Shoebox Tour: Filofax and Other Looseleaf Notebooks