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Review: Paper Republic Grand Voyageur

I reviewed a beautiful Paper Republic notebook over a year ago– that one was a small hardcover notebook with an elegant cover pattern. Now Paper Republic has branched off into something quite different, but also rather elegant: the Grand Voyageur travel notebook.

The style of this notebook is hardly unique– like the Midori Traveler’s Notebook and Pelle Journal, the Grand Voyageur is a leather cover with elastic bands that hold in smaller staple-bound or stitched notebooks, all held together with a horizontal elastic closure. The Grand Voyageur comes in a lovely gift box, and the minute you open it, you’ll notice the wonderful smell of real leather. I almost hate to review this notebook before using it for several months, because it’s made of the kind of rich, thick leather that should break in and soften and darken in color over time, developing a patina that no brand-new item can ever imitate.
The leather is Italian cow leather, vegetable-tanned without chemicals and hand -cut in Vienna, Austria.


The cover is designed to hold 2 notebooks, plus a passport and a pen, according to the packaging. There is no separate loop for a passport and pen, but there would be enough room within the cover to tuck them in along with the notebooks that are included.


The inner notebooks are a bit different in shape from the typical Field Notes or Moleskine Cahier format– these are about 4 x 5.5″, but standard 3.5 x 5.5″ notebooks would also fit. Shown below with a pocket Moleskine for size comparison.


The included Paper Republic notebooks were in two different colors, one with lined paper and one with plain. The paper is creamy and smooth and felt good to write on, with pretty typical show-through and bleed-through. Fountain pens feathered a bit.


Black and red covers are also available, as is a larger size. This pocket size costs 40 euros, and the large is 60 euros, so you’ll be making a bit of an investment, but the Grand Voyageur is a sturdy, refillable cover that you should be able to use for many years.

DIY Hybrid Notebook

Here’s a cool notebook hacking project. Inspired by the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, Kate Smith decided to make something similar. She took a Ryman hardcover notebook and swapped the inside pages out for some elastic bands to hold inserts, either Midori ones or Moleskine Cahiers. Should work with Field Notes and many others too. I really want to try making something like this…

Read more at studio-sweepings: I like the Midori Traveler’s Notebook so much I decided to make a small one….

Found via Casetteancira on Pinterest.

Make Your Own Leather Notebook Cover

I’ve gotten questions from readers before about alternatives to some of the pricy leather notebook covers out there. I haven’t spotted that many cheap ones for sale, until recently discovering Davis Leatherworks, which seems to have some nice-looking and inexpensive covers. But if you enjoy creativity and you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can make your own for a reasonable price. Julie at The Gadgeteer has a great tutorial with detailed information on how to do it:
Make it yourself – Midori Traveler’s style leather Moleskine Cahier or Field Notes notebook cover

You’ll start with this:

And end up with this:

The design can be adapted to any size notebook. Some of the low cost depends on making more than one notebook cover, but think how excited all your notebook-loving friends will be when you give them your extra handmade notebooks as holiday gifts!

Midori Travelers Notebook 5th Anniversary Limited Edition

One of these days I’m going to buy one of the Midori Traveler’s Notebooks. I personally prefer the size of the smaller “Passport” version– and I don’t keep my passport in any sort of case, so there’s a good excuse! But meanwhile, this still had me salivating a bit:

The Journal Shop is featuring a 5th Anniversary Limited Edition of the Traveler’s Notebook, in a yummy-looking camel color. It’s been a while since I’ve used a real leather notebook on a daily basis and whenever I see the nice rustic look of the Midori notebooks, I’m always reminded of the wonderful smell and feel of leather. Nothing else quite compares. I also like the way you can customize these notebooks with various inserts.

So… someday I’ll buy one. But unfortunately, there may be some delay in their supply: although the notebooks seem to be manufactured in Thailand, I guess the distribution must still be based in Japan, and the Journal Shop notes that orders for the Limited Edition will be delayed because of the earthquake.

(For readers in the US who don’t want to order a Midori notebook from the UK or Japan, Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York sells them, though I don’t know if they’ll carry this limited edition.)