Moleskine Monday: Make a Hipster PDA With a Moleskine Planner

Check out this tutorial on how to make a sort of Hipster PDA out of a Moleskine. I’m not sure how I’d like having those rings interfering with the front cover lying flat, but I like the way this adds a removable/ refillable element to the Moleskine, and the ability to flip it to the outside for quick jotting or reference is really nice.

moleskine hipster pdamoleskine hipster pda 3moleskine hipster pda 2

Moleskine pocket diary Hipster PDA.

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One Response to “Moleskine Monday: Make a Hipster PDA With a Moleskine Planner”

  1. Wow! That is really nice! I always enjoy Moleskines but I find it hard to write in them as they are TOO nice, but this is perfect! 🙂

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