Design Sojourn Reinvents the Sketchbook

I’m sure many of us notebook freaks have often imagined creating the perfect notebook– something that would take elements of notebooks you like and combine them, or somehow correct flaws, or else customize a notebook that is perfect for your exact needs.
Here’s an interesting series of posts from a designer who did just that, envisioning the perfect sketchbook and even creating a prototype and branding for marketing it. Here are his criteria:

1. A sketchbook that highlights the work and not itself
2. Well constructed and affordable
3. No spines getting in the way of cross page sketching
4. Just the right size but with enough space or room to play with
5. “Boundary-less” pages
6. Flexible enough to do what you will
7. Decent quality paper that takes all non-wet mediums like ink, pencil or markers.
8. Appeals to everyone, not just designers

Spaces for Ideas: The Beginning

Spaces for Ideas: The First Prototype

Spaces for Ideas: The Brand

It’s an interesting experiment, but what he may end up needing is “Spaces for Ideas: The Desk,” as the sketchbook would require a surface with a hole in it to allow a full sheet to lie flat!

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3 Responses to “Design Sojourn Reinvents the Sketchbook”

  1. Thanks for the post. Actually if you read the post in detail, it describes that the prototype has a lot of problems, of which one of them is the thickness. Stay tuned for the updated prototype which I will post in the next few days, and it should fix the need for a hole.

  2. Great Idea. This reminds me on the current winner of the “analog notebook” design contest in Germany, managed by a notebook company called “brandbook”:,news-aktionen.html

    The most innovative idea seems to address a similar thinking. Description ist in German … but there ae some sketches of the idea.

  3. […] Die innovativste Idee kam von Andreas Klug und Michael Vasku: ein Notizbuch, dessen Seiten miteinander verwoben sind und sich als großes Ganzes ausfalten lassen. Allerdings kommt mir diese Idee sehr bekannt vor. Ich habe so etwas Ähnliches vor ein paar Tagen bei Nifty von gesehen: Design Sojourn Reinvents the Sketchbook. […]

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