Supreme Notebooks

Here’s a Moleskine-ish notebook with a bold, graphic look, sold by a company that seems to mainly focus on clothes for skateboarders (or people who want to look like skateboarders). Supreme must be a super-trendy brand, as a Japanese retailer sells these notebooks for almost $40 each!

Unlike most notebooks, these have an embossed brand logo on the front cover instead of the back. The paper band design reminds me of the artist Barbara Kruger‘s style… actually, someone should do notebooks with her artwork on them– hello, MoMA store?!?

Via Supreme Notebooks « Individual Sole.

See more on Barbara Kruger at Artsy.

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3 Responses to “Supreme Notebooks”

  1. $40 – each?

    That’s utterly ridiculous.

  2. Not only are they nearly $40, they’re also only 5.5 in. x 4 in. Yikes! That has to be the most expensive notebook on a per square inch basis anywhere.

    Who know that those skateboarders with their pants falling off were carrying around so much dough?

  3. Word. I checked out their website, but couldn’t find any helpful information very easily. Disappointed.

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