Notebook Addict of the Week: Karen

Karen sent me this photo of some of her notebooks, saying

I confess that these are all unused at the moment (I’m currently using a Moleskine sketchbook, a cheap sketchbook with watercolour paper from The Works, a UK discount store, for art journalling and a small notebook in my bag for jotting down important facts like books to read!)

We have a wonderful chain of stationery stores in the UK called Paperchase and I confess to high excitement last week due to a branch opening in my town – my bank balance is doomed!

A great variety there– love the composition books in every color! Thanks Karen!

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5 Responses to “Notebook Addict of the Week: Karen”

  1. I recognise a couple! esp the staples journal .

    If Karen is reading this, I would be interested to know where the composition books come from.

    I confess to hating paperchase. I think I have reached cute pattern overload.

  2. Wow – very excited to see my notebooks on this lovely site!

    Kimberley, the composition books come from the USA. I had been coveting them for a long, long time and it’s impossible to get them in the UK. So I called in a favour from a penpal in NYC and she sent me the 4 in the pictures – beautiful colours, aren’t they? The thing is, they were 4 for the price of one and were something ridiculously cheap like $1.99 for the lot, but cost her about $25 to post over here.

    I know what you mean about the cute Paperchase overload, but if you’ve looking for something composition book sized, they do one – the notebook at the front right in the picture with the pink spine and blue cover with flowers etc is a composition book from P’chase – has nice paper and you could always cover the outside with something less cute!

  3. This picture is gorgeous, and makes me feel less guilty about having a bunch of unused notebooks. 😀

  4. thanks for the info =)

  5. do you by any chance still have the paper chase notebook with the birds on?
    would u be interested in selling it, if u haven’t used it?

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