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More good notebook stuff at A Continuous Lean:

This is a currently available government-issue notebook used by the military. The comments on the post got into a lot of interesting discussion about the “cool” factor of military supplies, with actual service members seeming to find it amusing that the stuff that is just boring to them is so coveted by design-obsessed civilians!

Being a notebook-obsessed civilian myself, I of course had to go searching around for other examples of cool military notebooks. Check out this Etsy item:

I was heartbroken that it had already been sold. Using the federal supply service code number, I went searching for other examples, but look at today’s version sold here and here, but only to authorized government purchasers:

They kept the retro “Memoranda” logo, but it’s no longer a beautiful little hardcover notebook, just a thinner, flexi-bound one. Sad. But it’s nice to know that our military puts some thought into the notebooks they use… and as a taxpayer, I’m glad to see that they only cost about $10 per dozen!

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  1. I LOVE those government issue Memorandum notebooks. I’ve had my eye on them for a very long time and would love to get my hands on a few. I think the government might be missing out on a revenue generating opportunity by keeping these beauties from the general public. And given the black hole of our current budget deficit, they can use every bit of revenue they can get.

    I may break down and search out someone with a government ID and see if they can score a few of these for me.

  2. I was given one of those Memorandum notebooks during my internship with Fish and Wildlife to use as a field notebook. I kept searching all over the offices to find out where they kept the stock and snag some more but alas, never found them.

    I like the lime green hardcover notebook even more, definitely going to try it out.

  3. The post on A Continuous Lean links to a page where you can buy the 8″ x 5.5″ version of the hardcover log book pictured. They also sell a larger size, 8″ x 10.5″. You can find the larger size listed as a “Customers Also Bought” suggestion on the page for the smaller book. They are ridiculously inexpensive: $3.35 for the small and $3.83 for the large. The site charges a flat $10.00 shipping fee. I’ve seen used versions of these on Etsy and other sites, so I’m thrilled to find a vendor that sells new ones. I ordered a couple of the larger version and I can’t wait to see what they’re like in person. The comments on A Continuous Lean indicate that it’s a pretty solid, no nonsense kind of notebook. Outstanding value for the price it would seem.

  4. Looks like this site sells both the hardcover green and the pocket memorandum books to the general public. I went as far as creating an order for a dozen of the side-bound Memorandum books (you have to order them by the dozen), and the site never asked me for any sort of government authorization number. With shipping the total for a dozen was about $27.00

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  6. I definitely burn through one of these memo pads once a week. It’s a very good thing that the US Government buys them in bulk for cheap, since most of its employees are like me in that aspect. I love the things, and always have at least one on me.

  7. These book are what make the backbone of the american antarctic research. I have worked in antarctica for a year and these little books are what we kept everything that we ever needed to know in. They are referred to as “green brains”. They got this name because of their color, and also because they became your second brain. Everything that you need to remember, from when you had to be at work, tasks to take care of during the day, people’s numbers, the list goes on. I would have a hard time if I ever forgot mine. I love these things, and my only regret is that I did not grab more after I left.

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  9. I love these books, Does anyonre know the history? where they around in this design in WWII?

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