Austin Kleon’s Notebook

I’d never heard of Austin Kleon until just recently, when I came across a presentation he did called “How to Steal Like an Artist.” It’s an insightful and inspiring collection of ideas, which I recommend to anyone who has a creative bone in their body, or wishes they did. In otherwords, anyone and everyone.
And while you’re at his website, what you’ll also really enjoy are his notebooks!
Here’s a few images from one:

I believe he said that was a Miquelrius notebook somewhere on his blog, but I got lost browsing around and then couldn’t remember where I’d read that! So much good stuff to look at…

See more at NOTEBOOK JUNE – NOVEMBER 2010 by Austin Kleon and on Flickr.

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5 Responses to “Austin Kleon’s Notebook”

  1. That’s a Miquelrius Leather-Look – I’d know it from a mile off, as they are my favourites.

  2. I had one of those back in 2002. It was so thick that I had to stop writing in it with about 200 pages left because it had gotten so heavy and cumbersome to write in.

  3. Definitely a Milquelrius. I have a couple of them, the grid variety. They are definitely too thick for day-to-day use. I used mine for keeping technical notes, but even then it was much too thick for my little project.

  4. […]  Sketchnotes seem to be more and more popular these days. I think Mike Rohde first coined the phrase and the practice of creating beautiful illustrated notes, but lots of others are getting on the bandwagon, so much so that the design website Core77 is introducing a regular feature on their site, focusing on various examples of sketchnotes. The ones below are by Mike Rohde, Craighton Berman and Austin Kleon. […]

  5. what size is that red notebook? 4×6?

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