Notebook Addict of the Week: Candice Ransom

I was very flattered to receive an email from this week’s addict, as she is a highly-regarded children’s author whose books I was already familiar with– the kind of person I’d usually want to ask about their notebook usage, but be too shy to actually do so!

Candice wrote 3 blog posts a few months ago with lots of details about her passion for notebooks and how she uses them as a writer. A few of my readers will be very excited to see that she still has a a “Nifty Notebook” from her childhood– an elusive item that seems to be impossible to find these days, even on eBay! (No relation to my nom de blog, though…I’d never heard of them!)

Some kids in my class carried a fabulous thing called a Nifty notebook. Unlike three-ring canvas binders, the Nifty notebook sported a plastic fold-back cover with magnetic catches, and a built-in pencil and lunch money compartment. Our school store sold Nifty notebooks, but they were too costly. Whenever I bought a new tablet, I hung over the double-door of the closet-sized store, acid with longing for a green Nifty notebook and a pen that wrote turquoise ink.

I loved the pic below as she has one of the brown-covered notebooks that I sometimes used in high school and college.
And check out the quote below explaining one of the other items in the photo:

Above is an assortment of little notebooks I used in high school after I had decided to become a writer of children’s books.  And yes, that is a little book I created on toilet paper.  Desperate writers use anything. 

Toilet paper! That’s a new one!
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Thanks again, Candice, for sharing your love of notebooks and a peek into your methods as a writer!

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  2. It was a shame that Nifty went out of business in 2000-ish. There was also little keychains attached to the notebooks and binders. I always kept my looseleaf paper in mine.

  3. Hi do you know of any notebooks that WILL NOT BLEED? I am an excessive notetaker for school and it is extremely vexing when the paper I am using bleeds… Do you have any recommendations of standard sized notebooks that will not bleed? Thanks!

    If you could also reply back to my e-mail, that’d be great 🙂

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