How Many Notebooks at Once?

Here’s a bunch of people talking about how many notebooks they are using at once:
How many notebooks do you have going right now?
I found the page via a search that resulted in this image, though the image doesn’t appear on that page. I love all these piles of notebooks, all labeled and dated and lined up by type!

See the original image here: Google Image Result for

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4 Responses to “How Many Notebooks at Once?”

  1. I’m really digging that picture of all the notebooks lined up! Makes me want to dig through them to see what’s in them!

    At any given time I’ve got at least 3 notebooks going. I have one that I stick miscellaneous things in, so everything pretty much goes in there: lists, notes, important things I want to remember, random quotes and scribbles, drawings, ticket stubs, etc. Then I have my official “journal” that I’m terrible at being consistent with. I also have a notebook designated specifically for lists, one for keeping track of TV shows and stuff I like, one for when I’m feeling blue… hahahaha I guess I have way more than 3 going at a time!

  2. I usually have two, maybe three, if you count my Franklin Dayplanner as a notebook.

  3. Just checked I have 5 notebooks and an A5 filofax in my handbag right now. :)

  4. I enjoyed reading through that discussion thread. According to one of the posters, that’s a picture of the notebooks of Roger Deakin. (Linked near the bottom:

    Usually I stick to the one-notebook-for-everything approach, but for a time last year I had 3 notebooks: my regular daily journal for writing and the occasional doodle/newspaper clipping, a pocket memo notebook for lists and reminders, and a homemade “glue book” for random collage/scrapbooking when I’m really bored.

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