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Review and Giveaway: Miquelrius DIY Collection

Here’s a fun gift idea for any notebook lover or crafty, creative person. Miquelrius has introduced a series of gift boxes each containing a notebook, a roll of washi tape, stencils, and assorted colored papers. Several different themes are available, with spiral or taped-binding notebooks. It’s a great way to kick-start an art journal that you can continue to embellish with other materials of your own choice.

miquelrius box1miquelrius box2

The notebook itself has multi-colored edges to the paper, and is perforated and hole-punched so it could go inside a binder. If I were using this kit myself, I’d prefer the version with a taped spine.

miquelrius box3miquelrius box4

There are even YouTube video tutorials to suggest ways to use the kits:

The suggested retail price is $19.99, which seems like a good value for this size notebook and the extras in the package.

The only place I’ve found to buy the DIY Collection online is the Miquelrius web store, but hopefully you’ll spot them in a store near you!

Many thanks to the folks at Miquelrius for providing this free sample, which I will be giving away to a lucky reader!

The winner will be chosen randomly from entries received in these ways:

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The deadline for entry is Friday September 11, 2015 at 11:59PM, EST. Good luck everyone!
And please remember to check my posts on Facebook and Twitter for an announcement of the winner. Please allow a couple of weeks for me to check all the entries and determine the winners.


Notebook Addict of the Week: Caylee

This week’s addict is a Moleskine fan, with quite a shelf-full of various sizes and shapes of Moleskines, with many decorated covers:

Caylee says:

“My love for Moleskine knows no limit. I love them purely for how simple, classic, and consistent they are. And the paper, oh my, the paper. It fits the way I write and draw perfectly. So smooth, and just the perfect shade of off-white. While unpacking and repacking, and purging, and trying to get settled, I had a good look at my little Moleskine collection. I love every single notebook. I have many unfinished ones because I just couldn’t start a new project in a Moleskine meant for another purpose…”

Read more at  Moleskine | My Collection – Caylee Grey

Notebook Addict of the Week: Naomi Leeman

This week’s addict is a designer and illustrator who has filled many Moleskines with collages from her travels, among other things:

“For the past several years, I’ve keep a sketchbook that I use for everyday notes, ideas, lists, sketches, as well as travel collages.  I carry it with me everywhere and, recently, it has been filling up with new Japanese words I’m learning!  Whenever I travel, I add collages of each city I visit.  You know all those maps, brochures, and ticket stubs you collect while traveling?  I have always hated throwing all that information away; I have this irrational desire to hang on to it all because I’ll want to look at it again one day!  Of course, I never actually look at it again, so I’ve decided to save some of it in my sketchbooks by cutting it up and making collages. ….  Between sketching and collaging, I’m sure my collection of black Moleskine notebooks will continue to grow.  Filled with good memories, preserved for the future.”

Read more and see lots more collages at: Travel Collages — Naomi Leeman

Courtney Wotherspoon’s Sketchbook

I always enjoy the Sketchbook Sneak Peek series at Design Sponge. Here’s one from a while back, featuring Courtney Wotherspoon.

What are your go-to sketch book supplies? Are there any brands or media that you’re particularly drawn to?

Pens, Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro, always black. Sometimes a blue ballpoint pen sneaks in if I can’t find my favourites.

Cut paper bits and glue stick, Derwent HBs and 2Bs that I end up sharpening down to the size of golf pencils, and sometimes a brush and acrylic ink, though I often don’t want to wait for it to dry before I turn the page and move on the next.

I started off filling large sketchbooks, upwards of 11″ x 14″, where I attempted to fill and complete entire ‘pieces’. Over the years, I’ve gone smaller and smaller and am now usually in a 5″ x 7″ or a mini 3″ x 5″ Moleskine. Some pages will be filled with colour, cutouts and imagery and others might just hold a single solitary pencil line.

See more at Sketchbook Sneak Peek: Courtney Wotherspoon | Design*Sponge.

Notebook Addict of the Week (Again): The JournalCEO

This week’s repeat addict was featured about a year ago with my first ever video submission. Now she’s back again with another great video documenting her growing journal collection and some of the life experiences that have been documented in those journals. See more at TheJournalCEO – YouTube.

Here’s what the JournalCEO has to say:

“I just reached 7.5 years of a journaling anniversary, and took out my collection today.

These are my used journals. I have more blank journals than I do used journals, but these used journals span 7 years… and quite a ways up my wall. Somehow I was expecting my stack to be taller after 7 years, but this is it. Maybe I’ll have to add in the blank journal collection one day too.

There are a few photos of it at:


I love all those densely filled and collaged pages! Both the video and the photo of the stack are impressive. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your growing addiction, JournalCEO!

Julien “Seth” Malland’s Art

I came across some really interesting work by an artist called Julien “Seth” Malland. He seems to have done graffiti art in Paris, as well as other paintings and collages in notebooks, such as the one below. It looks like an old ledger, which he’s partially covered and painted over, incorporating the old handwriting into his art:

See more at | GLOBEPAINTER | Carnets.

Finishing a Couple of Sketchbooks

I’ve had a few sketchbooks in various stages of completion for a couple of years, and I just put two of them to bed. One was a Moleskine sketchbook that I used almost entirely for lunchtime sketches while sitting in parks in NYC– mostly quick pencil sketches, with watercolors added to a few later. After a few months, I ended up taking the sketchbook with me on trips to Arizona and the beach in Delaware. Here’s a few favorite pages:

my sketchbooks3my sketchbooks5my sketchbooks4my sketchbooks6my sketchbooks7my sketchbooks8my sketchbooks9

This other sketchbook, a HandBook Artist Journal, was started on my first trip to Paris. I think I was a bit intimidated by the artistic heritage of Paris, or perhaps by feeling it was a bit of a cliche to sit around sketching in a small notebook in Paris! (At least it wasn’t a Moleskine.) I only used a few pages in Paris,  after which it just became a receptacle for weekend doodles, sketches and collages, most of them pretty lame… it was good to just play around and see what I come up with, but I’m much better at just drawing things that are in front of me.

my sketchbooks12my sketchbooks1my sketchbooks2my sketchbooks11


After finishing these, I’ll be on to more of the same! A fresh Moleskine sketchbook, and another half-started HandBook that I first used for a few not very good drawings on trips to Istanbul and Lisbon, and then in Corsica, where all I drew was a few ridiculous caricatures of the people I was traveling with. Now it will be my new weekend doodle and collage book. I’m always trying to force myself to keep drawing and doodling and creating something– anything– even if I’m not always pleased with the results.

Mixed Media in a Sketchbook

An impressive fully painted and collaged notebook page by German artist Anja Zaharanski– beautiful!

Via Sketchbook Sneak: Anka’s Atmospheric Mixed Media Drawings | Ape on the Moon: Contemporary Illustration.

A Tiny Pocket Sketchbook

I love these tiny little sketchbook pages, made by Juan Casini, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He describes these as “Drawings and compositions with recicled materials and letraset typefaces, made during trips and vacations.”

See more at Pocket Sketchbook. He’s also got some more great sketchbook art at Sauce Sketchbook, an example shown below: