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Artists and Their Sketchbooks

Thoughts on sketchbook keeping from various artists:

Allen Shaw, Berlin
I SPEAK through my watercolour sketches. I often tell people, “I am the sketchbook and you are my song.” It started off with a course at NID called Environmental Perception, which required us to go into villages and sketch. I have done a permanent repeat in the course since then! I have kept roughly the same academic structure from college, though. But, I still follow a structure.

For instance, I always draw a map in all my sketches.

IN MY SKETCHBOOK: Everything, right from dead fish to architecture. A residency in Finland was one of my most memorable sketching experiences. It was on a raft and, as I dangled my legs in water, I was reminded of Huckleberry Finn.

AN ARTIST’S SKETCHES I LOVE: I’d love to see sketches of the late Austrian painter, Egon Schiele.

Prashant Miranda, Toronto
I HAVE maintained sketchbooks since I was a student at the National Institute of Design — I went from keeping written diaries to visual journals. My odd sketchbooks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in the last @ years and have now become a visual documentation of my life and travels.

There was a time when I didn’t have a camera and this was an observant way of doing that. Recipes, phone numbers, a calendar of events — practically everything goes into my sketchbook. It is the closest release for my art; when I do a series for an exhibition, it stems from the initial studies in my sketchbooks.


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How to Start Journaling

Rookie has a great post about ways to get started with keeping a journal, including visual journaling, writing down overheard conversations, logging daily activities, and more. The author shares some nice photos of her own journals, including these:

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Visual Journaling at Look Between the Lines

Look Between the Lines is a fabulous blog with entries showing page spreads from the author’s visual journal, along with commentary about how they were conceived and executed. As a bonus, each entry includes a “challenge” to readers– an exercise to help kick off your own visual journaling!

Here’s one image I particularly liked:


Typography Notebook

NubbyTwiglet has an interesting idea for a visual journal/scrapbook: a Typography Notebook.

I read a lot of magazines and find amazing type everywhere I look. Instead of keeping these images loose (and just waiting to get lost), I began gluing them into an inexpensive Muji notebook that I deemed my ‘Typography Notebook’ about two years ago. Now, when I need to locate an image, I can quickly flip through instead of digging through piles of clippings.