Moleskine Monday: New Softcover Notebooks

Moleskine has introduced some new colors for softcover notebooks. The examples in the photo below look like they are warped and curling, perhaps from a too-tight elastic on the beige one… not a good sign.

See more at Don’t be a [ ] – Be flexible with a soft cover notebook! – Moleskine ®.

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5 Responses to “Moleskine Monday: New Softcover Notebooks”

  1. I wish they would come out with a gray hard cover pocket size. Or pastel pocket size hard covers in general…. pastel pink would be nice!

    Those soft covers do look warped to me too.

  2. I hadn’t spotted the warping, but you are right, it looks poor.

  3. I just got the ocean colored one and I really like it so far; it comes with the much coveted dotted pages! I’ve yet to see how it holds up over time. It’s replacing my full-to-bursting ecosystem notebook, which turned out to be far more durable than I expected!

  4. I just received my beige colored one and it’s really nice. I’ve noticed that the elastic band does feel a little weaker compared to the previous models though. I guess I will see how well it stands up, after I finish my other two notebooks.

  5. First look ,i think it’s very beauty but i just bought a Black journal. Then i have to stop my Brain, to bought it.

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