Kolby Kirk’s Hiking Journal

I love, love, LOVE Kolby Kirk’s travel journal. He’s documenting his project to do 100 hikes between May 5, 2009 and the end of this year. He’s about to embark on hike #77 as I write this!

He uses a plain, pocket size Moleskine journal and each page is gorgeous– notes, maps, sketches, objects pasted in… just wonderful to look at. Makes me want to go on a hike right now!

Check out his website, 100 Hikes, and the rest of the images on Flickr: Hiking Journal photoset on Flickr

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7 Responses to “Kolby Kirk’s Hiking Journal”

  1. I love this! There are so many ways to creatively journal. Thanks for passing this info on. I’m definitely going to check out his site!


  2. Wooooowwww, what a great idea!

  3. Notes as art. How beautiful it is.

    I have to say that book is inspirational. While I may not be ready to pack myself a bag and go hiking anytime soon, it did remind me to be observant in every moment.

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. This is really beautiful, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. […] featured Kolby Kirk’s hiking journals here a while ago, but more recently, I came across a post on another blog of his, talking about his […]

  6. Oui, je vous comprends.

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