Jimmy Buffett Collects Blank Books

Here’s something fun that I came across. We can all identify with how the writer feels to discover she’s not the only one obsessed with notebooks… but who knew Jimmy Buffett was a blank book collector!?

I collect blank books. When I discovered that Jimmy Buffett has a trunk full of blank books he’s collected over the years which are still, well, blank, I realized my dirty little secret wasn’t quite as shameful as I thought.

Isn’t it funny how comforting it is to find just one person out of the billions on our planet who exhibits your own particular brand of obsession? Knowing I was not alone gave me permission to buy even more blank books. Really, you just never know when you might need one.

Read more at Questioning my Intelligence: Trial by Blank Book.

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3 Responses to “Jimmy Buffett Collects Blank Books”

  1. I may just go buy a new blank book myself!

  2. He’s certainly not using them to write new songs.

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for the call-out.

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