Edward Hopper’s Sketchbook

One of my favorite things is finding little-seen images from the notebooks of artists, writers and scientists. This one is a gem, as Edward Hopper is one of my favorite painters, yet I don’t recall ever having looked at any of the sketches for his works. I love how it seems to have been drawn on ledger paper, or some other kind of lined notebook that obviously wasn’t intended to be an artist’s sketchbook. Hopper did illustration work for magazines and ad agencies before he became successful as a painter, so I rather like the idea that he might have done this sketch during a free moment, using whatever office supplies were at hand.

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3 thoughts on “Edward Hopper’s Sketchbook”

  1. I also love seeing draft sketches of work by artists…I remember seeing some by Picasso and I was so mesmerized by them. Its just so cool to think they might have drawn it just doodling one afternoon with a cup of coffee.

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