Behance Outfitter: New Products

A reader tipped me off to some new Behance products, also noted at this link: swissmiss | Behance Outfitter | New Products.
I like the little cahiers.

I always have mixed feelings about notebooks that force you to stick to a certain format, rather than free form pages, but I guess I can see how this can help you stay organized– using each box for an action item, and jotting associated notes on the dot-grid pages. Has anyone out there tried these? Let us know what you think!

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2 Responses to “Behance Outfitter: New Products”

  1. I have these and I really dig them. They’re great for outlining (I write the big picture words on the right and more details on the right) and great for all the meetings I head to each week. I also love the format for recipe planning and general notetaking, too. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a little variety in the format. I’m a fan. I’ll probably grab some of the other sizes, too, when I feel the need for them.

  2. I found a UK stockist and ordered the cahiers and the larger action journal – they work really well for me – a little structure helps..thanks for the heads up on the new range!


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