Good Reasons to Use Paper & Pen

Some very good points about why it’s still worth using paper and pen in the internet age, from Alice Seba at Contentrix:

In today’s digital world we don’t rely on paper and pen very much. But personally, I love my handy-dandy notebook and pen for my online business for a few reasons:

  • Writing things down on paper means full concentration. There are no Internet distractions with good old fashioned paper.  No Twitter, YouTube or email.
  • You get time to really review and think before you publish anything in digital format. Normally, you log into WordPress, type something and hit publish without much though. Paper gives you the opportunity for more well thought out content and copy.
  • It’s accessible anytime. I have an iPhone and it has built in notes, but it’s not quite the same. Getting my thoughts out on paper whenever the need arises just feels right. It’s also easy to refer to and add ideas. Some of my best notebook pages are a mess of crossed out ideas, arrows and extra notes. It’s how my brain works!

Read more at Paper & Pen : Contentrix.

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2 Responses to “Good Reasons to Use Paper & Pen”

  1. But the mess, the mess. My notebooks are full of alternative endings and beginnings, crossed out versions and frustration. On the screen I hit delete and I am presented with a brand new page. As if nothing has happened.

  2. With a pen and paper, you can actually write without constantly editing as you go. My typical “first draft” on a computer takes forever to finish because I rewrite sentences and paragraphs as I go, and it still ends up requiring as much editing as a handwritten first draft.

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