Notebook Addict of the Week: Freen707

Flickr is such a great source of notebook addicts! Here’s the latest one, and I’d say he/she REALLY has a problem! All of these are as yet unused:

I’m pretty sure I see Moleskines, maybe Rhodia and Clairefontaine, and I’m not sure what else. There’s a lot of variety there! The owner seems to be in Italy, so I would guess many of these are European brands that might not be sold in the US. How very tantalizing!
See more at Notebooks and journals (all unused yet) on Flickr

10 thoughts on “Notebook Addict of the Week: Freen707”

  1. yeap. i seems to have problem using new notebook too. they are just toooooooo lovely to be used. 🙂

  2. OK, I’m trying to figure out how much I would be willing to pay if that collection was for sale! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to open that box?

  3. How this looks like a dream. I am a notebook addicted.. I even make them. That picture sounds totally my addiction. *ah ah* I would like to start a notebook/journal swap, but I am not sure if there are people interested, so maybe if one notebook addicted would be interested I could start it.

    Much appreciating,

  4. That looks like me ! Well I dont have so many (yet) but I keep buying lovely new notebooks and now I have more empty ones than full ones … 😀

  5. I’m DROOLING over the yellow, orange and red on in the last row!!!! Which brand are they, if any?
    If I had those I’d so scared to write in there as not to ruin them…GORGEOUS!!

  6. I have to be careful, I am on the way to having tons of notebooks. I already have a bunch of sprial notebooks and lots of three ring binders with stuff in them.

  7. hi i was looking for some information about notebooks. Maybe im missing something, but isnt it the point of owning a notebook or notebooks is actually using it and filling it with whatever comes from your mind?

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