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Moleskine Monday: Office Stash

Here’s the latest photo of the spare Moleskines I keep in my office… You know, for emergencies…

There are more at home…

Notebook Addict of the Week: E_Journeys

This week’s addict posted this collection of images on Flickr. Lots of notebooks, and a cool old trunk to keep them in!

Notebook Addict of the Week: A Penchant for Paper

Heather at A Penchant for Paper asks How Many Notebooks Are Too Many?:

The true notebook addict would probably say that it would be impossible to have too many notebooks, but I am not so sure.  I have been feeling overwhelmed lately by the number of notebooks that I am currently using, as well as feeling the need to simplify and use fewer notebooks.  Here are all of the notebooks that I am using right now:
There’s lots more descriptive information about these in the original post.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Style of Mine

This week, we have a Kiwi Notebook Addict, a “petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.”
Here’s her stash:

I really like those wire-bound ones with the photo collages on the covers. The leather journal is also quite beautifully made, there are more closeups of it in the original post. I don’t see any brands I recognize here other than the one I assume is a Moleskine.

Some thoughts from the owner:

I’ve always felt that there was something inherently stylish about notebooks and journals. They harken back to a time before digital technology, when it was commonplace to see wet glistening flowing script emerging from the tip of a fountain pen. There is something very romantic about handwriting, the smell of paper and the sound of a nib scratching its surface.

Yep, got that right!

Read more and see close up photos at The Notebook « Style of Mine.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Andrea

Andrea sent me these great photos of her notebook collection, with the notes below. Pen and ink lovers, there’s an extra bonus for you!

I am student of classical archaeology (hardly working on the dissertation thesis) and few months ago I found your website. I was so glad that I am not the only one, who is really “possessed”:) Please, take this as a big thanks for your work:)
01 – This is my “almost black” collection with Moleskine, Miquelrius, Filofax and some notebooks without name. The A4-Nightmare Jack notebook I bought in Turkey and it is absolutely perfect:)
02-03 Details of my recycled notebooks from Rome (purchased in Capitoline Museums). They are beautiful, but it took lot of time to find the right pen for writing in these – the paper is rough, so the fountain pens are bleeding and the ballpoints are almost invisible there; but Faber Castell Drafting and Sketching pen 0.1 is perfect for it.
04 – My “working” notebooks. I am using them for notices about pottery, sketching the fragments. Except the pink one, all these are from Austria – “not-a-big-brand” perfect notebooks, very cheap and much more useful than Moleskine (I was so disappointed with the quality of lined journals: I cannot use my favourite fountain pens…). Those blue and orange notebooks are produced by company called Ursus (the bear) and they are extremely comfortable:)
05-08 This is my most beautiful notebook Asia. Here you can see the front cover, inner design, back pocket and back cover. Together with my ink collection, pens, nibs and nib holders, and my personal sealer with one piece of sealing wax:) I am freak when it comes to things like these…
09 I am sending you an example of my personal seal:) Hope you like it:)
10 This is little greeting from me, my little Coraline and my present notebook:)

I love the variety, and the tiny handwriting. Using a wax seal is a neat touch, too. Big thanks to Andrea for all these wonderful photos!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Freen707

Flickr is such a great source of notebook addicts! Here’s the latest one, and I’d say he/she REALLY has a problem! All of these are as yet unused:

I’m pretty sure I see Moleskines, maybe Rhodia and Clairefontaine, and I’m not sure what else. There’s a lot of variety there! The owner seems to be in Italy, so I would guess many of these are European brands that might not be sold in the US. How very tantalizing!
See more at Notebooks and journals (all unused yet) on Flickr

Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper, 9th Edition

Welcome to our 9th Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper, collecting the past month’s highlights from blogs about pens, notebooks, office supplies and art supplies. The iPad may be getting all the hype this week, but we’re here to celebrate pads made of paper, ink that is not e-ink, and pages that turn in actual 3D space rather than just a ripple of electrons across a screen. Don’t get me wrong– I’m not anti-technology and I love my Apple products. But for this month’s Carnival, I decided to highlight the long history of paper, pen and pencil by choosing a few Editor’s  Picks that remind us that some technologies stay in use for hundreds of years, while others will be replaced by something new in no time and won’t leave such interesting stories behind.

Editor’s Picks:

Okami0731 presents SPECIAL BULLETIN – J Herbin 340th Anniversary Ink posted at Whatever. Can you believe this company has been around since 1670? Wow.

Lito Apostolakou presents Pencil Leads in Paris Barricades. Victor Hugo’s Pencil Stub. posted at Palimpsest.  A fascinating story about a humble pencil stub’s role in French political upheaval.

JoniB presents I’m a Green Inker!?! posted at Daydreamers Welcome. An interesting bit of trivia about what “green ink” has historically meant.

And now on to the rest of our submissions:


Matt presents My Recent Moleskine Hacks posted at 0MAk0’s Posterous, saying, “Notebooks, Moleskine, Piccadilly Inc, Pens, etc …”
Superpooky presents Tracking Weight with Field Notes posted at Trains, pens and planners, saying, “Perhaps more about how I’m using my Field notes rather than a review but we need to use our notebooks sometime. Right?”
travisthetrout presents Flip-Over Books: Things to do Today posted at Notes in a Book.


Margana presents A Variation on the Levenger True Writer Theme posted at An Inkophile’s Blog, saying, “Some gorgeous journals have paper that just isn’t fond of fountain pen ink. To make them useful, friends helped me find something suitable for these lovely but unloved journals.”
Tom Overfield presents yard-o-led viceroy victorian – oozing of craftsmanship « lady dandelion posted at lady dandelion, saying, “Her pictures here are incredible. So hard to take ones of metallic objects but these are flawless.”
Patrick Sikes presents The Fountain Pen is Back!” posted at Norsk Woodshop.
David Garrett presents J. Herbin Poussière de Lune posted at seize the dave.
Tom Oddo presents How does the Pen Addiction Start? posted at Goldspot Pens, saying, “How do we become so infatuated with writing instruments?”
TonyB presents President Obama’s 22 Signature Pens posted at Tiger Pens Blog, taking a detailed look at how and why the President used all those pens to sign the health care bill.


Alberto presents Canson Fanboy Create Your Own Comic Book Kit Review posted at Kid Sketches, saying, “Nice paper sample introductory kit for artists exploring the tools commonly used in creating sequential art and graphic novel stories.”

That’s it for this month. Thank you to everyone who submitted these excellent posts! Next month’s Carnival will be hosted at Whatever by Okami. You can submit a post using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. More info about the Carnival posted here too.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Victoria D.

Our latest addict of the week is a regular reader who submitted this photo of her stash, safely guarded by two interesting little figures:

Looks like a nice collection of Piccadilly and Moleskine notebooks, plus some other brands I don’t recognize, all ready to filled up with creativity, perhaps some early drafts of her blog posts at Artsy & Ambitious!

Thanks for sharing your addiction, Victoria!

Notebook Addict of the Week: Laura Meyer

This week’s Addict is a self-described “traveling folk rocker” who mentions picking up some pebbles along the way. She also picked up some notebooks!

These were found while helping her mother prepare for a move:

The most time-consuming part of packing was organizing all of my notebooks, CDs, and cassettes from over the years – the volume of this stuff is just overwhelming.

Read more (and see her other interesting collections) at Swept Away (April 1, 2009) « Laura Meyer.

Notebook Addict of the Week: Mywormy

This week’s notebook addict has the distinction of being our first Filofax addict:

filofax addict

This is a particularly hard to justify form of notebook addiction– after all, a Filofax is a durable, refillable binder: you can’t “use it up” the way you can with other bound notebooks and journals. 10 Moleskine-type notebooks might not seem like qualification for being a true addict, but 10 Filofaxes definitely counts. Even I only own 4 Filofaxes… I think… though that doesn’t count numerous other non-Filofax-branded binders that I filled with Filofax inserts… and various other small looseleaf notebooks… but most of those were probably cheaper than buying real Filofaxes, which are also one of the most expensive notebook addictions!

Via mywormy’s photostream on Flickr. For more Filofax addicts, check out the Philofaxy pool on Flickr.