Notebook Addict of the Week: Andrea

Andrea sent me these great photos of her notebook collection, with the notes below. Pen and ink lovers, there’s an extra bonus for you!

I am student of classical archaeology (hardly working on the dissertation thesis) and few months ago I found your website. I was so glad that I am not the only one, who is really “possessed”:) Please, take this as a big thanks for your work:)
01 – This is my “almost black” collection with Moleskine, Miquelrius, Filofax and some notebooks without name. The A4-Nightmare Jack notebook I bought in Turkey and it is absolutely perfect:)
02-03 Details of my recycled notebooks from Rome (purchased in Capitoline Museums). They are beautiful, but it took lot of time to find the right pen for writing in these – the paper is rough, so the fountain pens are bleeding and the ballpoints are almost invisible there; but Faber Castell Drafting and Sketching pen 0.1 is perfect for it.
04 – My “working” notebooks. I am using them for notices about pottery, sketching the fragments. Except the pink one, all these are from Austria – “not-a-big-brand” perfect notebooks, very cheap and much more useful than Moleskine (I was so disappointed with the quality of lined journals: I cannot use my favourite fountain pens…). Those blue and orange notebooks are produced by company called Ursus (the bear) and they are extremely comfortable:)
05-08 This is my most beautiful notebook Asia. Here you can see the front cover, inner design, back pocket and back cover. Together with my ink collection, pens, nibs and nib holders, and my personal sealer with one piece of sealing wax:) I am freak when it comes to things like these…
09 I am sending you an example of my personal seal:) Hope you like it:)
10 This is little greeting from me, my little Coraline and my present notebook:)

I love the variety, and the tiny handwriting. Using a wax seal is a neat touch, too. Big thanks to Andrea for all these wonderful photos!

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