Notebook-y iPhone Apps

I’ve noticed a couple of iPhone/iPad apps that very much mimic the look of paper notebooks– I guess they’re trying to be the best of both worlds!

Here’s a couple of screen shots from Egretlist, a to-do app that syncs with Evernote:

And here’s the icon and some screenshots from Do It Tomorrow, another to-do list program:

I guess it’s nice that they’re going for a very paper-ish, handwritten look, but I think I’d rather keep my electronic and paper worlds quite separate. I’ll take my own handwriting on real paper, and stick with plain fonts for digital text, thanks!

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  1. […] Notebook Stories featured a short piece about two notebook-like apps for the iPhone. One is called Egretlist ($2.99) which syncs with Evernote but its interface, while fun has been developed for the iPhone specifically and it doesn’t look like a version has been released yet that takes advantage of the added real estate of the iPad which is what I’ve been looking to find. Do It (tomorrow) is a free app and is pretty stripped down and simple. […]

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