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Mark Zuckerberg’s Notebooks

Here’s another story found via a reader tip. (Thanks Nicholas!) In a new book called Facebook: The Inside Story, author Steven Levy talks about Mark Zuckerberg’s notebooks, and it turns out that Levy even has some pages from one of the early notebooks. Zuckerberg has supposedly destroyed the rest. THE YEAR I first met Zuckerberg, he … Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg’s Notebooks

No More Notebooks for NYC Cops

Will police notebooks become a thing of the past? Officers in New York City will no longer be keeping hand-written activity logs, as they are switching to an iPhone app: For more than a century, the New York City Police Department has required its officers to keep a detailed, handwritten memo book while on patrol. … Continue reading No More Notebooks for NYC Cops

Are “Smart Notebooks” Smart Enough?

I keep reading about the Rocketbook Everlast, including in this recent review: “But what if you could combine the best of old-school notebooks with modern tech? That’s the ambition behind Rocketbook’s new Everlast notebook. You use it in the normal offline way, but when you scan the pages with your phone it shoots everything automatically … Continue reading Are “Smart Notebooks” Smart Enough?

Paper in the Digital World

Some lovely notebook images and thoughts about why we still love paper, and in fact may love paper even more because our lives have gone digital. From the article: “If you find yourself dependent on notebooks, even if much of your work is online, you are part of a growing number of people who are … Continue reading Paper in the Digital World

Moleskine Monday: Start-Ups Love Them

Just spotted this article: Why Startups Love Moleskines – The New Yorker, which notes that “the popularity of Moleskine notebooks seems to defy the widespread worship of technological innovations coming out of Silicon Valley.” Ok, that is a trend that has been talked about a lot, and I’ll actually read the rest of the article … Continue reading Moleskine Monday: Start-Ups Love Them

West Yorkshire Police Switch to Electronic Notebooks

Which would you rather see a police officer using? This: Or this: I suppose for the sake of efficiency and accuracy in reporting crime, electronic record-keeping may be a good idea. But that old fashioned notebook looks nice!   Read more at West Yorkshire Police to say “Goodbye” to traditional notebooks – Huddersfield Examiner.

Moleskine Monday: Evernote Expansion

Moleskine’s Evernote collection keeps growing, as they now offer various options in pocket and large size, including squared, lined and plain pages, as well as the heavier-weight sketchbook pages, softcover journals, and a planner. Presumably this means the products have been successful, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone using one. I occasionally use … Continue reading Moleskine Monday: Evernote Expansion

Notebook Addict of the Week: John Dickerson

This week’s addict was found thanks to a tip from last week’s addict, June. John Dickerson wrote a piece on Slate that I think many of us will identify with, about our impulses to capture the moments of our lives, whether it be in paper notebooks or in smartphone snapshots. The article was accompanied by … Continue reading Notebook Addict of the Week: John Dickerson