Moleskine Monday: The Switch from Wire-Bound Sketchbooks

BengKia discusses using wire-bound sketchbooks, Monologue notebooks and Moleskines:

The advantages of a stitched sketchbook over a spiral-ring sketchbook are a few. I have found that the spiral-ring binding is prone to being bent out of shape when stuffed in a bag and once the binding rings are deformed, it makes opening the pages difficult. Also, it is not a good idea to paste a lot of pictures inside them as the sketchbook expands and then for some reason, the pages do not feed through the rings properly. The stitched sketchbook, i have since found, does not suffer from these defects.


So I was sold on the stitched sketchbook, but I also had some Grandluxe Monologue A5 sketchbooks laying around and these were cheaper than the Moleskine and with heavier cream paper. But then I found that I really did not like the elastic band on the Monologue, which is a horizontal band, and much preferred the vertical band on Moleskines. Also, where the Monologue did not come with a pocket for stashing away reference pics, the Moleskine did.


Based on the above reasons, I decided to indulge my preferences, instead of being rational, practical and cost conscious. I like using the Moleskine and i do not like using the Monologue as much. So it was that simple, the decision was made and I have now become a convert to Moleskines. I am no longer as insecure about my work as I was when i first started drawing regularly some years ago, and I find that I am oddly fond of the Moleskine.

Read more at BengKia’s Cave: From wire-bound to stitchbound – The Moleskine defection.

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3 Responses to “Moleskine Monday: The Switch from Wire-Bound Sketchbooks”

  1. When it comes down to creative work, the surface matters, the feel matters,and the emotional response of the paper matters. It’s hardly ever about price. You want to feel welcomed to work. Good for you for choosing what satisfies your soul.

  2. Totally agree on the pluses of stitched notebooks, but you should try the Leuchtturm before settling on Moleskine.

  3. I like Moleskine notebooks also. I hear countless (by which I mean less than 20) critiques saying they aren’t worth the cost and are too much money. However those same people will later say, “Get what you love, money shouldn’t be and issue.”

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